• 8 months ago

    Unexplained Rash

    Got rash at the end of summer, it started on my stomach and was just in two small patches on both sides of my body (between my hips and belly button in an oval shape and was just dark spots). About a month later they spread up my back and sides. Soon after it spread to my back, then my legs, then my arms. I have been to my primary care doctor twice, the ER, the health center at my school, and a dermatologist. All have no idea what it is. I have changed everything I've used, stopped taking my meds I was on, and went no where new when it appeared. I have had the same jobs for years and the only thing that changed was my boyfriend, my hair color, and a new tattoo. My hair color was the same brand I always use, however it was an unnatural color (purple lol). My tattoo I got done at the same place as my other three and even though it has color on it, I have one other with color as well. The last thing I am trying is having my boyfriend stop wearing his cologne in hopes that's it because I'm at a lose. Any other ideas? Please help. I am literally ripping my skin off it is THAT itchy.