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  • 5 hours ago

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  • Rinsing Neti pot with tap water before using distilled

    I visited my sister in Connecticut this past weekend. I wrapped my Neti pot in some cloth to prevent it from breaking. I rinsed it out in her sink, and then poured distilled water and saline solution into it. While rinsing my nose, I realized I smelled something mildew-like. I don't know if it was my sister's handtowel, the Neti pot, or her gross soap. I washed it with the gross soap, cleaned out the water as well as I could and then rinsed the other side. Do you think it's possible I'll....
  • 11 days ago

    red spots all over skin

    Hi ! all of a sudden i have red spots all over my skin similar to hives kinda itchy burny im worried its not bumps or anything smooth sorta like when you take a hot shower and you get red spots on thighs type my throat hurts a bit like swollen tight other than that i feel fine
  • 15 days ago

    Good substitute for dust allergy medicine

    Hi, I have Asthma and dust allergies, and as treatment I use three different medications on a daily basis. I take AllergyX as pills (1 every evening), Avamys as a nasal spray (Once before sleep), and Symbicort as an inhaler for my asthma (Once before sleep). I once switched from Zyllergy to AllergyX because I felt fatigue, and it helped. Is there any alternative for any of these thats considered better? Is there any problem with this combination of medications?
  • 22 days ago

    burning skin

    I have been having severe flushing on face,neck, chest and arms.the first time with niacin. I no longer take it,but it seems to usually have happen after taking my medications. Is there niacin in some vitamins without it being listed in ingredients? I take Sertraline,Atenolol,Fenofibrate,Levothyroxine,Rosuvastatin.I have been taking Buproprion but stopped because I thought it might be the problem. I also take fish oil, vit D, Calcium, magnesium,vit b12 Should I try stopping all vitamins? What do....
  • 24 days ago

    What is this?

    For several months I’ve been getting these severe itches all along my back, doctor thought it was eczema but the cortisone and other creams I was prescribed didnt really work. The itches are in groups of swollen lines along my back. They would go away when I exercise. Does anyone know what this may be? I have included a link for a picture of it. Thanks!
  • 1 month ago

    Unknown allergy

    I have been suffering from skin allergy URTICARIA for the last 10 years. Cause is still unknown after many tests and treatments. My doctor advised me to take Allegra 180 mg if the itching is severe. It helps. Today I started having itching all over my body. There were no visible rashes. The sling turned red. Then my whole body inside felt as if it is on fire. Immediately I took medication. I was having palpitations and my head was throbbing. I saw a doctor who could not figure out what happened
  • 1 month ago

    What could be causing these symptoms?

    Every single time I stay at my in-laws within a couple hours I get a migraine and if we stay the night I always get sick. I develop a wet productive cough, chest congestion sore throat, sinus pressure, stuffy runny nose and trouble breathing / wheezing. I have a history of asthma but whenever I stay there it flares up for both my 2 year old son and I. I'm worried is mold. I don't visibly see mold in their house but I am concerned because this literally happens every time we stay there. I'm....
  • 1 month ago

    Rash appearing after scratching itchy spot

    Hi. I've been having itches all over my body (arms, legs, chest, back, pubic area) for about 15 days. If I scratch it, for example: - on my legs, the skin turns red for a while then goes back to normal. - on my arms, this happens: and then it goes away as well after ~15 min or so. What is weirding me out is that it happens when I scratch and goes away after, and I couldn't find anything exactly like it on the internet, the closest I got was hives but the rashes....
  • 2 months ago

    Chicken Pox and Shingles Vaccine

    As a child I never got Chicken pox. I recently got a blood test that confirmed I had no antibodies for varicella. Do I need to get both the chicken pox and Shingles Vaccines? Can I get them both at the same time?