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  • 8 hours ago


    Hi all i have a nine year old who has recently been diagnosed with add its took me five years to get this but for the past 5 years he has been like jeckle and hyde hes crying like a two year old one min and then very aggressive the next he has caused a few family members harm including my self for just asking him to do the simple of task such as brush his teeth i was just wondering does anyone elses child with add have the same problem or is this just mine as i am losing the will to live
  • 1 day ago

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  • 13 days ago

    I'm not sure what to do.

    I think I might have ADHD... I am a High School student and I think I have ADHD. Im not sure, from what I've read about the condition, its passed through families but I don't know anyone in my family who has it. As well as my fidgeting, forgetfulness, and lack of focus only started recently. I think I might have it but Im too scared to tell anyone because what If I don't have it? I'm extremely stressed and I don't know what to do.
  • 2 months ago

    please help me

    this gonna be a really hard and long story but im gonna try my best and fight my feelings because i know that this is they only key to live finally LIVE A LIFE. back few months i came to a point in my life where i never felt so bad. i play a lot of competitive games. i was unable to concentrate, i felt like i cant achieve anything even in games not just in my life. i started to burnout on everything and i was angry on a lot of people because of the emotional rollercoaster. slowly i started to hate....
  • 3 months ago


    Hi, I am a teen female who has had ADHD since a very young age. Lately I have been having random spells where I have intense chest pain, particularly around the heart, and will have difficulty catching my breath. They are also accompanied by a sense of dread or fear, especially concerning my relationship with my bf. Could these be anxiety attacks, and if so, what should I do? These episodes scare the crap out of me, I would really appreciate it if you could reply with your opinion. Thank you!!!!....
  • 3 months ago

    Child with ADHA combined type

    If some of you are new to this diagnosis, my son was diagnosed with ADHD combined when he was 6 years old right after kindergarten. The combined type just simply means he's both inattentive and hyper. Which with a little boy can be crazy at times. He is now going on 12 and in the 6th grade. Academics he has Ben doing great; he's usually a A and B student. Lately we have been having some issues in his English class. I'm not sure if it's his meds have waned by the afternoon or the class....
  • 3 months ago

    ADHD and procrastination

    I had a background of being a big-time procrastinator. My school life was hell and I can't even imagine going to school. My academics were low and I hard time concentrating.I wouldn't be even picked in the basketball team, the only thing I love about school. Everyone thought I had some kind of dyslexia. Even I was made to believe that I had some kind of learning disability. Then after a few months, I saw a feature on adhd coaching services in Toronto. I was very happy to meet someone who....
  • 3 months ago


    Okay so I’m a noob but like I can’t stop being mean to people cause of my ADHD mood swings and there saying I’m just trying to make up a exscuse and I don’t have the meds cause my parents suck and they know I have it I rlly need help cause I lost a lot of friends
  • 4 months ago

    Manic episodes with ADD?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this and could really use some advice. My 15 year old son has been diagnosed as ADD since he was in the third grade. His meds have been changed a few times which is normal but he's been on Adderall for almost a year. Well, a couple of times he's gone into a somewhat manic state. He grabs his hair and says every sound, feeling, or even seeing things frustrate him so bad he'll get in his bed and cover his head. Then, after about 30 min he's hyper focused....
  • 4 months ago

    Help for add

    I have been suffering from attention deficit disorder all my life and I have been experimenting with this micro nutrient which has really help me which is really help me with ADD and I just wanted to share it with others