• 1 month ago

    42 yr old male - Am I losing my mind?

    I have started taking notes on instances that I have had in the past couple of weeks. In the last year, things have started to become more frequent and is starting to really frustrate me. Sorry I can't sum up what is going on so I am just pasting in my notes. Thank you in advance:

    I have done this multiple times. I have locked the house to leave for the day and as soon as I get to the car, I don’t remember if I locked the doors and would have to go back into the house.

    Daughter came down from getting ready for school and she had her FFA shirt on and I ask what they were doing today and told me that we had a conversation about it the night before.

    I had mail that needed to go out to the mailbox, a few minutes later, I couldn’t find the mail that needed to go out. I walked out to the mailbox and saw that I already took it out.

    I have problems typing on the computer. After reading what I typed, it makes no sense and have to spend more time editing than when I originally typed it.

    I can’t read anymore. I can barely finish a paragraph and remember what I read.

    I can not listen to a podcast and do anything else.

    I have a hard time listening to people in a crowded area. Even when trying to concentrate on what they are saying is very difficult.

    At church, I was having a conversation with a friend and the next thing I realize he is yelling at me for not paying attention. I forgot he was talking to me. There was background noise.

    Thank you in advance.