• 28 days ago

    My ADHD led me to being a meth addict at only 15 years old

    I blame the doctors really. Pumping me full of all these medications that did nothing except make me different. I was about 14 when I discovered the amazing feeling of meth. I never felt anything like it. The hallucinations, being up for days, being skinny, feeling unstoppable and full of confidence. I didn’t really know life without drugs. Ever since I can remember I’ve been on some kind of prescription. I was tired of it. I felt like a loser. But once I started Adderall, then found meth, my whole life changed. I went from a sweet horse loving, going to church and doing my school work, to a 14 year old run away, with two felony charges and somehow got myself into trafficking. I was hooked on meth, and when the comedown was unbearable I’d just take some heroine. I felt great. I was an expert at stealing and manipulation. I had money, clothes, makeup, drugs, and all the men. It was the day I got arrested that I was supposed to leave for California with my street mom to turn into an actual prostitute. When I got arrested, they sent me to rehab, and within my first week of being there I was back on medication. I was outraged.