• 1 month ago

    My experience

    When I was in 3rd grade I was diagnosed with adhd I took so many different meds until I found the right one. When I was in 7th grade my doctor told my mom about this patch called daytrana. It was great my mom could stick it on me before I even woke up and it made mornings soo much easier. As I got older I had to increase my dosages but sadly I out grew the medication. I tried probably 3 different medications and found one that worked for me as an adult. I took it for a while and then I thought I’m ok I don’t need this anymore so I stopped taking it and I haven’t taken it since. I’m now 20 years old and I’m realizing I was wrong and I need to start taking it again. I didn’t realize all the things that I was doing was because of my adhd like I can’t finish a conversation. When I’m at work I put things off until the deadline. I also get very angry and I have no anger management usually I just end up crying. I have set up a doctors appointment and I’m taking the steps I need to get my adhd under control. I guess I don’t need any support or answers I just needed a place to talk about these things that nobody around me understands. If Anyone does read all of this and does reply I will read it and I would love to talk more.


  • 29 days ago

    RE: My experience

    The daytrana patches are effective in helping to reduce excessive activity and impulsive behavior and increase attention, which is especially effective for adolescents and children with ADHD.