• 4 months ago

    Savant poetry

    I crack, so manic an' on it,
    That i can panic, PSYCOTIC!
    All advice is more lies.

    I can go so crazy an' feel,
    That all people hate me, it's real!
    And my thoughts flow so warped.

    I get mega stressed so it hurts,
    Whenever my 'bent' head won't work,
    No sane way to escape.

    Though watch, when I've focus, an' drive,
    You'll all clock an' notice me thrive,
    With a tendency to enter ascendancy!!!
    'MANIC'. 27-7-2019
    And yes, all my poems are my own work. I have thousands of them. A key symptom of mania is excessive writing!!
    Thank you for reading it.


  • 4 months ago

    RE: Savant poetry

    Thanks for the poem!
    Good flow for the disability show
    I just want to let ya know.
    "Ascendancy" doesnt end with a prose
    Its why I died but yet still rose
    Couldnt lip sync but felt that I could build rows
    To lift up what was tossed out a window
    "Ascendency" to me is stationed at a cross
    Take down the body of Christ but dont get it lost
    We raked down the the flesh, to be burnt by a better boss
    One who saves all that he chose but who knows?
    Who couldve been better than true God?
    Lift up your eyes, know that nobody knows you like you do
    God did all he did to show the gifts that he gives you
    Loved and cherished since before you were even born,
    Dont forget the Lord loved before you did.
    (Much love bro, dont let what other people say about you get you down, Gods view of you matters more, remember that we all sin and fall short of the glory, but His mercy and patience continues to save sinners like you and me. ADHD.... seems like a curse at times, but I remember how easily I can Identify with others hurting with the same problems. Take care mang.)