• over 1 year ago

    Learn to draw

    Are there strategies and ways to learn and practise drawing that actally are ADHD friendly?
    To be more specific... the way you learn to draw is to do it again and again. But with everything that comes with ADHD, that is freaking dificoult and I get deprest so many times tryin to draw something pr follow a tutorial and what I tried to days ago or an hour aho just falls flat down and I statt of from step one all the time.

    I would love some help/suport. Thanks


  • 11 months ago

    RE: Learn to draw

    Hey! I have ADHD and I used to watch others draw pictures of people mostly, and I found that doing tutorials was really difficult, I just wanted to draw... something! Anything!... so I found that when I sat with a pencil and paper I would do an eye ball with eye lids and I liked trying to draw hair.... but after skipping a bunch of steps, I started just letting my hand make strokes on the paper, and allowing mistakes to be altered instead of erasing I would turb it into something else, it would begin for me as one thing but with the limitations being taken off, it would become another. I found that trying to force myself to make something specific come out only served to make me feel unable to do anything. What I would suggest or perhaps offer as just an idea, find something that you would like to draw, and work on jist a part of it and then try doing a different oart, imagine that its on the paper and try to outline or give a general shape of it. Maybe this might help :)