• 6 days ago

    I'm getting crushed. I need help!

    I've been dealing with ADHD since I was 12. For my entire life, I thought it was a gift. Something special that no one else had. My secret super power!
    I began to understand there was something wrong with me since I turned 17, I had dozens of flawless plans and visions for my future, So perfect that they could take me to the moon in just a few years... And here I am, A 21 year old wasted ***, Working at a *** office in the worst country in the world.
    Anyway, I applied for the Japanese government "MEXT" scholarship and had to pay a *** load of money to get everything prepared for it. Now I've sent all my documents to the embassy and got only 1 month to re-study all the high school math, Chemistry and physics. Days are passing by and this scholarship is a critical thing for me. Let me put it this way; It's now or never.
    No although these words all came out of my own mouth, I can't seem to do anything about this. I'm already short on time and my little super power is really *** me up right now. I just can't sit the hell down and do what I know I should.
    Currently, I don't have enough money to pay for a doctor visit and the medicines, But I never used the medicines anyway. That's why I've wasted so many years of my life so far.
    I might have to get my hands on some medication, But they're crazy expensive for me both prescribed and off-street.
    I need someone to push me through this. My mom always did it but now I'm all alone and I'm getting super ***.
    This scholarship is my last chance. I don't wanna go this way. I don't like this ending. Help!