• 9 months ago

    Adhd vs. Autism

    I think this broad spectrum is too much. Look up the symptoms yourself and it needs to be defined. My son has ADHD and it is clear but they say he could have mild autism and thus couldn’t diffidently say he has that too when got evaluated my a well known psychologist . This broad spectrum is wrong and anyone can have signs of this. My child is not a project and shows little signs of this but definitely ADHD and I was diagnosed in the early 80’s with add which they didn’t have the adhd or combined back then. I know how this feels and this broad spectrum to means anyone is a candidate. Please define these disorders!! I have a problem with both so close in common-according to research. They even made autism, broad spectrum, and it’s just ridiculous. You have adhd, add or combined. You either have Aspergers that is now in the spectrum or the lower end of autism according to a good psychologist or you can’t reach the discussion. It’s either the high end of the spectrum or low. Everyone can have some of each. Please get it more detailed and less broad. Please, because this upsets parents, etc. if you research is on this and money being taken from those with a little time in this world like, children with cancer then let them do their research because it’s obvious your are just making autism vs. adhd undefined and this mild Aspergers which it’s not called that anymore, unable to be determined.

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