• 10 months ago

    Why I stopped taking Adderall

    A couple of years back I went to the doctor for a check up with more anxiety than normal. When my doctor came in he looked at me with concerning eyes and started to ask me questions. These questions were him probing me and giving me a test for ADD. To make sure he was correct he also had me take an online test where he would read the question and I would answer. I was 21 at the time and it was the first time I was diagnosed with ADD. The medication that was prescribed to me causes a lot more damage than good. I started to abuse the drugs and would no sleep for a whole weekend as I was cramming for my studies. This cycle went on for two years until I was taken off the medication per my decision. I did't understand why I even needed to take medication as my life went on normally I just was anxious throughout the day. I knew that I was starting to struggle when my own thoughts were impeding on my daily tasks. During this time I am using tinctures from King Harvest Oil for my anxiety and depression. The tinctures are effective and discreet as I only use 10 drops of my Unwind and Uplift but, it lasts me up to 8 hours.