• 10 months ago

    Help with medication

    I am a 17 year old boy and I can’t seem to find the right medication especially now I work in a fast pace restaurant who does atleast a 100 heads a day in Newquay Cornwall , many people say I should stop taking the medication as I won’t need it but I have a bad habit of swearing really loud at things that I try to manage but haven’t mastered yet without my meds this is a problem because the kitchen is an open plan where the customers come to speak to us. Also I have a little girl aged 1 1/2 and another on the way I know I’m young for it but life’s life and I don’t want to be the wrong type of dad and let my ADHD make me a bad role model . Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated, Thankyou in advance .


  • 9 months ago

    RE: Help with medication

    I know how you feel about wanting to master your life without meds. It's really hard to put yourself out there and ask, but everyone needs someone. I myself am going into junior year, and I have had severe ADHD since I was about 5. I was prescribed extended release Concerta and immediate release Ritalin. It really helps. I'm expected to be perfect, and ADHD isn't in my family's vocabulary. I would suggest going to your primary doctor or ADHD doctor and asking about the difference between extended release and immediate release. After taking Concerta at first, I absolutely hated it. You can't take it every single day, or it will affect your physical and mental health. But when I take it on work or school days, it feels like I just put a new pair of glasses on. I can focus, I can slow down, I can stop myself. It is a really amazing thing to witness yourself accomplishing things when you've always doubted yourself. I really hope this post helps you and if you take my advice, tell me how it goes!