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    Looking for opinions on my symptoms

    I work for a railroad and my sleep schedule is never the same.. I find my self always tired and low energy.
    I eat nutritious foods might take a B12 once in awhile... while at work I find myself standing and rocking with inpatients .. I also get anxious when reading books or anything with more then a few pages.. I use to take adhd meds in middle school but stopped.. I'm affraid to seek professional help due to them thinking all I want is a script..
    Any suggestions


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    RE: Looking for opinions on my symptoms

    I suggest that you seek for professional help, so they can run tests on you. Good luck!

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    RE: Looking for opinions on my symptoms

    It's critical that you seek professional help and advice as they can provide proper treatment and care for your symptoms. A physician may write a necessary script depending on all of your symptoms.
    However I will advise, the symptoms you've listed do not necessarily correspond with an ADHD adult. ADHD medications may actually make your current symptoms worsen. Again, please seek medical advice for proper treatment plans.
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    RE: Looking for opinions on my symptoms

    Do not be afraid to seek proper help. You are living in agony! I’ve been there. I was on adderall in my 20’s and then decided to be a purist 0_0
    I was ok for a good 15 years. Unfortunately it hit like a ton of bricks in my 40’s. Med seekers aren’t very successful anymore due to the testing that they’ll put you through. Oh the testing! That was not easy! However, it revealed things about the severity of my adhd that I wasn’t even aware of. So, definitely worth the effort. Find a good psychiatrist and you’ll be all set. Given your history and current symptoms I don’t foresee a problem in you getting the proper help that you need.
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    RE: Looking for opinions on my symptoms

    I think your concerns are justified about seeking professional help.

    Expertise is very spotty, and some less-than-astute physicians have grown leery of "drug seekers". Yes, they exist but physicians should at least try to discern the difference between drug seekers and legitimate patients.

    Still, you probably do need professional help.

    So, your success depends on your approach.

    That means preparation.

    If you have trouble writing down your thoughts in a succinct, bullet-point style, enlist a friend or family member to help you.

    Note things such as:

    1. When you were first diagnosed
    2. What medications you took
    3. The effect that those medications had for you
    4. Your current challenges...be specific. It will help to print a list of the official ADHD symptoms and jot down examples of how they might manifest in your life.

    Then, try to find a professional with ADHD expertise. Many do NOT have it but they don't let their lack of knowledge stop them from saying or doing irresponsible things. :-)

    You DESERVE help in mitigating your symptoms. As much as anyone with vision-related challenges deserves eyeglasses.

    Good luck!