• 5 months ago

    Diagnosis frustration

    I have been to 3 different psychiatrists in the last 10 years, and they keep diagnosing me as bipolar. I am not bipolar! I've read a lot about bipolar and I have some symptoms, but mine present differently. I don't have mania and my lows are not that low. I just know I am not bipolar, and these psychiatrists keep insisting that I am. The last one I saw, which was a few days ago, listened to me talk for less than 5 minutes and said, oh yeah, you're bipolar, then proceeded to charge me 300.00 for the visit. I said no, I am adhd. He said he agreed, but we would deal with that way down the road. How??? For that kind of money, I should've spent the day there with electrodes hooked up to me, trying to figure out what's wrong with my brain. How can you tell what's wrong with anyone after talking to them for five minutes? When I was a child, I stepped in a smoldering fire, not realizing that it was still burning underneath. I had 3rd degree burns on my feet, but I was holding my hands, so my Mom thought it was my hands that were burned, so she was holding my hands under the water. That's what I feel like is going one with damned doctors. They are treating a part of my brain that's not on fire. It's the same story every time! I keep going to these psychiatrists with high hopes that someone is going to help me, but they don't. They just put me on these ridiculous meds that do nothing for me. The only med that has ever helped me, was Vyvanse, but the person I was seeing, took me off of it. I am so fed up with psychiatrists. I have been going to them my entire life, and they have never helped me. I am still just as screwed up as I have every been. This last guy actually told me that I might have a personality disorder, in which case there was nothing he could do for me. This is after talking to me for 5 minutes. I had another psychiatrist tell me there was nothing they could do for me, and that my condition is untreatable. My last great experience was with a woman who would get angry with me for questioning her diagnosis, then she kept me waiting for almost two hours for my last appointment. I had to pick up my four year old son, and had to leave. I had just paid a 50.00 co pay and asked for it back because I couldn't stay. The psychiatrist came out of her office and said, "I am not on his schedule, tell him not to come back here." She said this in front of her staff and the entire waiting room. This was after 3 years of going to this... person. This wasn't urgent care, this was a doctor who deals with people with mental issues, and she chooses to embarrass me because I couldn't wait 3 hours for my appointment. I am not someone who uses my issues as an excuse. I work really hard in spite of them. I have learned, by myself, some amazing coping techniques, but they aren't working like they used to. I am a successful college professor, and I have to be incredibly organized and on top of things. I'm having a more difficult time hiding my issues from the people I work with. I really just want to find someone who will spend some time with me, and help me.