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    Yes! Ex. Spouse. We have 2 children ages & 9 & 10. My son was also diagnosed 3 years ago. Ex- finally diagnosed 9 months ago. Still is in denial. My son does real well while on meds, not near as well when off.
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    I am a spouse with ADHD and my daughters papa is recently diagnosed at 52 years old. I'm 36 and have experienced all that ADHD is about since as early as I can remember. I was medically diagnosed in 1988 at age 6 and it's been, well I'll call it interesting, to say the least. I accepted my ADHD years ago and struggle to learn and try new ways to move forward in my life. I gladly accept any questions anyone may have.
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    Yes I have been with him for going on 10 years and we are still not married...
    It's a hard long road and feels like a battle but those that were made with ADHD have soul mates just like everyone else. Only difference is we the none ADHD partners were made to be , STRONG, FOCUSED, SMART, LOVING, and FEARLESS, all so we can be those soul mates.
    Times are rough but i would be lying if i said that the good days aren't worth the trouble!
    I fell in love with him the day i met him. We are best friends and everything we do is fun. All the way down to just doing chores and making each other laugh.
    I feel like im in the movie 50 first dates. No, He doesn't wake up not knowing who i am but, he does get distracted and depressed which can last a few weeks to a little over a month sometimes. I look at it like i have to win him over again from whatever the distraction may be. I love him enough to do this every day.
    If you need someone with pointers or ideas you can message me by replying here.
    Good luck to you.