• 1 month ago

    My adult son has ADHD and I'm losing my mind

    We have a son who at 23yrs of age got diagnosed with ADHD after we paid privately for him to be assessed and he was put on medication,since high school he has been what we called a typical boy always up to no good and getting in trouble but not serious trouble,after he left school college lasted 2 months then started working and things seemed fine.to cut a long story short he eventually started working for us in our family business and stole off us over £100.000 over a yr on gambling and drugs,we sacked him and he got another job( now living with his nan and grandad) and proceeded to borrow off loan companies,break in to our factory and steal owe drug dealers pawn my engagement ring,we are good people who have gone over and beyond for our son who we love so much but also hate him for the way he is treating us,we have also paid for therapy and only this week he came to me saying he needed £150 for car insurance and stupidly I gave him it we didn't see him that night he had gone out and got drugs,the whole family is hurting I cannot express our pain and hurt but we don't know what to do next.