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    Question - ADHD worse as getting older?

    I'm a 42 year old male. I was diagnosed for ADHD 10 years ago. It cleared up a lot of questions I always had about myself. I proactively studied the disease, I have seen professional help on a monthly basis since diagnosis and I have taken Strattera for 10 years.

    Over the past few years, it seems that my ADHD symptoms are growing worse. I recently got fired from my investing job. The heads of the group seemed to grow tired of my increased disorganization and my trouble focusing.

    Has anyone else encountered that their ADHD grows noticeably worse over time?


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    RE: Question - ADHD worse as getting older?

    Hi there,

    My condolences on the job loss. Why did your doctor let you continue with increased disorganization and trouble focusing? Did he/she even ask about how you were doing, in specific terms. TEN years????

    Yes, absolutely, ADHD symptoms can grow worse with age.

    That is more likely to happen if symptoms go untreated (or improperly treated)—and in my observation that is most of the time.

    Also, a lifetime of poor health habits can start catching up to us in our 40s. Poor sleep. Unhealthy diet. Caffeine. Little exercise.....It all negatively affects brain function.

    I'm wondering why you have been on Strattera for 10 years. Did you try any other medications?

    It might be that Strattera is a poor choice for you. It might have offered some improvement in the beginning, but perhaps it has exacerbated other challenges over the years.

    Strattera is a norepinephrine-reuptake inhibitor. The stimulants are essentially dopamine-reuptake inhibitors (though the amphetamine class has an extra mechanism of action).

    There is a big difference. Not everyone with ADHD responds well to Strattera, especially at the higher doses. For some, at the lower doses, Strattera works well with a stimulant, to provide a 24-7 foundation of a degree of help with symptoms (especially for sleep).

    Good luck!

    Gina Pera
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        Hi Gina, I’m Abby I’ve looked at your profile and I would really appreciate some advice on ADD. I’m 24 years old and I have researched a lot about ADD/ADHD, when I read up, take quizzes, listen to people’s ADHD stories, I feel like it is the story of my life! It has seemed to have negatively impacted my life dramatically. So right from a child I have always struggled concerntrating, not finishing or last minute homework than I am more than capable of doing, struggling with organisation and punctuality in lessons, always losing and forgetting things and become agitated by sitting still and waiting for things. Forever losing my car keys which makes me even later to things, I have lost my bank bank card so many times I’ve had to wait a year before I ask for another because it’s so embarsssing and after so many requests for new cards I know that banks won’t always give you a new one due to carelessness. These are traits I have carried through into adulthood and has become a real barrier to achieve in home life and career. I have a 6 year old son and struggle to even get him to school on time purely from becoming distracted so easily and having no sense of time management! I have always been intelligent and have great potential to do well and that is why my family and friends get so frustrated with me! I started a university course in September 2016, through procrastination, disorganisation, punctuality I failed my first year. And again failed my second attempt at first year. Not because I am not capable but because as much as I want my degree, as much as I try and change I just fall back into the same dysfunctional route. I fail to do anything that I find boring in life for example missing bill payments, filling out forms. My financial situation is poor due to my impulsivity with shopping and going out. I get obsessed for short periods of time with things and hyper focus on them. I have crashed my car twice on the drive into family members cars from not focusing and not having the patience to be careful!! I feel I need help because it is now taking over my life, I want to have a good future, I have great potential to achieve but I’m my own worst enemy even though my intentions are good. My sons teachers have also mentioned about getting my son diagnosed without knowing how I am, as he matches a lot of symptoms too xx
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    RE: Question - ADHD worse as getting older?

    Being diagnosed with ADHD, places you under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, section 504, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). You might want to read up on it and switch ur meds. A stimulate, like Adderall, could work better for you. It certainly does with me.
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    RE: Question - ADHD worse as getting older?

    I feel this way sometimes. I also partially think it gets worse when I'm unhappy or going through something. I'm hoping it's the latter, but I've definitely been off for a while now... :/
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    RE: Question - ADHD worse as getting older?

    HI Yes, it seems like it's harder and harder to be at work functioning at your best even with medication. I was given terrible combinations of medication and it caused me to do things that I should have been paying attention to. Currently I am in another department now as an Administrative Assistant and a pattern looks like is developing again.

    What are you taking?