• 7 months ago

    On Task Naturally Children's Vitiamins

    Have you heard of or even tried On Task Naturally for children with ADHD? Do you know of any reviews or side effects does it really works? Since it is all vitiamins with magnesium, Zinc, B6 and C. I wanted to try this instead of the hasrh ADHA meds my child doctor prescribe has terrible side affects so I wanted to do something that is natural but also beneficial for my child growing body. It is all natural according to the article in the website www.ontasknaturally.com. I need help. Please help. Any thoughts?


  • 2 months ago

    RE: On Task Naturally Children's Vitiamins

    Hi, I know your post is a few months old, but I just ordered the On task for my 7 year old daughter. I am hoping this will help her as she had a horrible reaction to the prescription she was on. Have you used the product? If so, has it helped?

    Thanks so much!