• 8 months ago

    ADD with no drug avail

    I've been diagnosed with ADD by 3 different psychiatrists. I tried Concerta for 2 weeks and it made me very angry, nervous, aggresive , and impulsive to the point where I picked a fight for no reason at all, so I went back to my primary psychiatrist and he told me to stop Concerta and take Strattera instead, and after 6 weeks with no effect at all so he advised me to fly to a nearby country to get Adderall because its not available where I live. I flew there and had no luck finding it too, so I called the largest psychiatrist hospital within 3 hours flight distance to look for it and none had it. I live in the middle east and the closest country that sells it is UK which is 7 hours flight away and its realy tideous for me to get thier for a priscription. I do have certifcate of importation for 60 days script from my country's FDA and a report from 3 different psychiatrists, is there anyway to fill my script without my physical presence in any country that has it?
    I can provide all the official paperwork and reports.


  • 7 months ago

    RE: ADD with no drug avail

    I would think there would be countries that in consultation with your Psychiatrist and perhaps with another psychiatrist in the country thats dispensing the medication could organise with a Pharmacy that with the relevant documentation that you have and with proper communication between these individuals like a team they could organise the staged dispensing of your Adderal or another alternative is Dextroamphetamine(EU, US, CAN) Dexedrine(US)/Dexamphetamine(AUS) all the same drug and 50% of Adderall anyway the most active part very similar and equally effective IMO. This may seem like a lot of hassle but once you had it arranged it would make your life so much better . Countries to consider that are reasonable in these matters and have the right resources would be Canada, Australia, U.K.?, US?, India?, Germany, Switzerland the first to I believe could be best as are highly organised and respected Countries with highly resourced and well controlled healthcare systems and I think would be sympathetic to your plight. Canada Has an organisation called CHADD they just google and also Australia has a site called RANZCP for locating Psychiatrists Use this and they have a search function where you can find a Psychiatrist who 1) Speaks fluent English & Arabic & many other languages 2)treats Adults with ADHD with said medication also known as psychostimulant you can find all this out before even having to call them this saves time! Good luck I hope this helps it's no easy to get diagnosed and treated with ADHD but it saves your life when you finally get the right help so keep trying you're worth it. Once you have sorted this out and please continue to post how you are going as I will do what I can to assist you, you could write to your countries Medical Board and explain the difficulties you arw facing that Concerta is by no means the most effective or possible treatment for everyone, myself included and that they are putting your welfare in jeopardy despite much evidence that they shouldn't be.