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    RE: Working in the office with ADHD

    This might sound weird, but if you are a non-smoker, you could look into trying nicotine lozenges. I was struggling recently with trying to quit smoking, not because of nicotine withdrawal, but because I could not focus on anything. Like, weeks in, I would look at some paperwork and it was as though it was in a different language. I was crying it was awful. It led me to look into the link between ADHD and nicotine, and sure enough, nicotine works as a crutch for people with focus issues, making the habit even more engrained and difficult to kick. It's what led me to get on meds, because I couldn't quit smoking without addressing my ADHD. So, this study I read up on also mentioned that non-smoking adults with these problems, who are not on medication, can try nicotine lozenges when they are struggling to focus at work. Of course, if you try this, you should use them very sparingly, so as to not form an addiction to nicotine. You can also google mindfulness meditations to help stay focused, or exercises to help train your mind to keep attached to what's in front of you. I think Kaiser has a bunch on their website you can check out for free. Good luck finding something that works for you, whatever it might be.
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    RE: Working in the office with ADHD

    hi!! i am 19 and was diagnosed with (incredibly severe) ADHD when i was 14, just after starting high school. i am on the highest does of a prescription medication, and have tried many different ones. my ADHD is fairly resistant to my medication and i have started using herbal supplements to boost my focus and it has worked wonders (in conjunction with my prescriptions). Lycopene (available at GNC) is very good, and so is FocusFormula, which i get online. i know how hard it is when your medication (or lack there of) is preventing you from getting daily tasks done, and how frustrating it is when you try so hard to focus and you just cant!!! good luck!!
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    RE: Working in the office with ADHD

    Hi I'm 17 and I grew up with ADHD ik how it feels I'm in school and I just can't focus on one thing it's annoying but what can I do
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    RE: Working in the office with ADHD

    There are lots of over the counter supplements marketed as treatments for ADHD, but literally none of them are. As a general rule, if something sells itself as an alternative to prescription medications, or if it says it can treat ADHD, then it's probably a scam.

    That said, there are definitely some natural supplements which can help you stay a little more focused and a little less hyperactive without causing any serious side effects.

    I just read about one that looks pretty good here:

    As you can see, it doesn't promise the world, but it might help you stay a little more focused than usual. There are lots of products like this out there; shop around a little and find a product that looks right for you. And as I said, stay away from anything that claims to be a "natural ADHD cure" - it's all a scam!
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    No, sorry, I cannot recommend any over the counter focus medication.

    Those products are highly marketed (usually on anti-ADHD websites!) but they typically contain only vitamins at a very high price.

    Others might contain caffeine.

    Some basic things you might try:

    1. Limit your use of electronic devices; they can really mess with your attention span.
    2. Get good sleep; no medication will counter the effects of sleep deprivation.
    3. Eat well and take a decent multi-vitamin/mineral.
    4. Get daily exercise, preferably in the morning.

    Good luck!
    Gina Pera