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    Adhd Insomnia

    Hi: I’m new to this furum. Adult female 57 diagnosed 4 years ago. Treatment: Concerta & Wellbutrin.

    Past two-three weeks I’m having terrible insomnia. Racing thoughts. Being exhausted makes me more emotional, great :) lol. Any help would be welcomed. I have zopiclone but I dont like having to take meds. But it’s not working.

    Any advice.


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    First of all you need to tell your doctor about the racing thoughts thatsss badddd. I'm taking Wellbutrin and ADDERALL and that's practically full blown "meth" amphetamines haha and I also take lithium for bipolar crap. And lunesta (eszopiclone) But HONESTLY TAKKEEE that lunesta omggg it is amazingly wonderful. Eat something tiny with it. And phew. My husband as woke up in the Morning to me sleeping sitting up cuz it worked so fast "cuz I ate" that I didn't have time to put my phone down and LAY down. Haha it's amazing and lunesta doesn't scare the crap out of me like other sleep aids.
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    RE: Adhd Insomnia

    Hi,Tracy. I hope you're feeling better today.
    I'm a Brazilian 54 year-old male.
    I've been on Ritalin 10mg (IR),generic Wellbutrin,SSRIs (fluoxetine and then escitalopram) longer than 10 years now.
    My physician prescribed me generic Klonopin as a "downer" to be taken before bedtime,in order to help me sleep. Well,it does help me, though it may take one hour or so. I'm a "night owl", so that's why it takes me so long to fall asleep.
    So, maybe your circadian cycle is not exactly how you imagine, and this could be the reason that you're having such a hard time getting to sleep. I've already been on Zopiclone and I can tell you it's a good drug for sleep induction.
    Anyway, I suggest you to talk to your psychiatrist about the issue.
    Much love and namaste
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        : concerta and wellbutrin are almost identical medications. concerta is bupropin HCl with contrave, and wellbutrin is just bupropion. it is used to treat depression, subside cravings, boost energy, and can act as a stop smoking aid. have you discussed with your doctor the dosages you are taking?
        too much of anything can be very dangerous, it could be possible that you are feeling "out of whack" (my best way to describe it--ive been in your shoes before!!) due to taking a higher dose of bupropion than necessary! worth a shot.
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        This is not correct. Concerta is just time release methylphenidate. Please don't post misinformation on controlled drugs.
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        Yes, thank you. That information is indeed incorrect.
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    RE: Adhd Insomnia

    I have also suffered from insomnia throughout my life. I was on Concerta at one point, but I am now taking Vyvance. Personally, taking a melatonin supplement before bed helped me to fall asleep much faster, and to stay asleep. Melatonin is what your natural sleep hormone, and so taking a supplement isn't filling your body with foreign chemicals. the only downside is that I started to need higher and higher doses overtime, and eventually weaned myself off of it because I didn't want to become dependent. However, this could just be me. I hope this helps!
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    RE: Adhd Insomnia

    I write this after looking at the other posts. I don't pretend to be an expert, just a wife and mom whose husband and both children have ADHD; prior to my disability worked as pharmaceutical rep & in health care. That said, using these type boards have their place but Never use it as a substitute for your physicians. If you're not relating well with your doctor, get another or at least go for a second opinion. These are powerful meds and all take time for you and your body to adjust to them. What's helped me is keeping a notebook with what I take, when I take it, side effects I notice, how behavior changes - good & bad.

    Check with your pharmacy before using any herbal products. Some are contraindicated with neurological meds & some can be lethal. Grapefruit & Grapefruit juice should be avoided. It interacts with a large number of all types of meds.

    With many of the sleep meds, like Ambien & newer ones, pay attention to their side effects list. Sleep walking, eating are very common. BUT sometimes the effects are temporary and will pass. If you find the best combination of meds for your adhd, your life will be better and so will your families. My husband refused to take meds and life with an unmedicated adhd, type A personality is hell! I've paid a horrible price for it.

    I wish you well, I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. :)
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        That's great advice about the grapefruit juice (and citric acid). That can definitely affect medication efficacy. There's more information here:


        As for advising this person to consult another physician, normally that would be good advice. When it comes to ADHD, however, it is extremely rare to find a prescribing physician who is familiar with ADHD+.

        Too often, a stimulant is prescribed, with no thought to "starting low and titrating slow" or trying each of the two classes of stimulant (and in different delivery systems).

        Moreover, the commonly co-existing conditions are typically missed. And when the stimulant exacerbates anxiety, depression, etc., that is too often seen as a side effect of the stimulants.

        It's a mess out there, really.

        Patients best educate themselves as best they can -- even if only to be able to recognize competency.

        Gina Pera
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    RE: Adhd Insomnia

    Hi Taylor,

    You don't mention how long you have been taking these medications.

    Is this experience of insomnia a new side effect after taking the medications for years?

    Or have you just started?

    From my longtime experience, most prescribing physicians do not understand how to treat ADHD. In the words of one psychiatrist, "We just throw a stimulant at it."

    No. Just no.

    ADHD medication treatment is a complex matter.

    There are choices among stimulants, and your genetics mean one might work much better than the others.

    Plus, most adults with ADHD will have a second condition (and half will have a third condition). These typically include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, sleep disorders, substance-abuse disorders, and others.

    If your physician started you on both of those medications (Concerta and Wellbutrin) simultaneously, that indicates that basic protocols were not followed.

    Anecdotally, many people with ADHD experience increased anxiety from taking a stimulant AND Wellbutrin.

    Good luck!
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    RE: Adhd Insomnia

    overdosing. cut meds in half. double water intake. don't mix w/ alcohol or caffeine.
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    RE: Adhd Insomnia

    Have you tried to read something really boring? I think many people fall asleep when they are bored. When I read a great novel to write https://papersowl.com/write-my-literature-review a literature review it wasn't a problem for me to sleep. All the time I wanted to sleep. You should try this strategy.