• over 1 year ago

    Generic adderall aurobindo side effects

    Hey guys so I've been on adderall for a long time. Never any side effects. Found a new Dr and pharmacy and Theyve been giving me these by the company aurobindo has any one had any weird side effects from this brand. I have been feeling very depressed anxious panic like not myself and like I'm not really here it's weird . I started thinking about it after i got my new script and googled seeing multiple people say similar things. I can't pay for name brand so I have to do generic and every where I've looked now has this brand what in the actual heck. I thought I was losing my mind til it dawned on me to Google someone share ur thoughts!


  • over 1 year ago

    RE: Generic adderall aurobindo side effects

    Makes me feel jittery and doesn't help my ADHD at all
      • over 1 year ago
        Glad I'm not the only one. Idk what to do I can't afford name brand
      • 6 months ago
        see if your pharmacy can obtain a different generic of the medication - not all generics are exactly the same, I have noticed a difference between different manufacturers of generic medications - and not always the same i.e, a manufacturer may make a generic of one medication that works well for me, but their generic version of a different medication may not - generic medications have to fit within a "range" of efficacy vs brand, which opens up a rather wide variance ...