• RE: Have you tried the ADHD elimination Diet?

    Hi there,

    I'm not sure if you are asking about elimination diets in general or this website in particular. So, I'll address both.

    1. The website

    Even with a quick glance, I can see this is not a reputable site.

    One of the FAQ questions is:

    Is there scientific research that supports this diet?

    And the answer on the website is: "Yes. The ADHD elimination diet foundation is based off solid Research that has been gather from around the World."

    Look at the poor grammar, the misplaced capitalizations, etc.

    Most importantly, look at the non-answer. No specifics.

    2. elimination diet for ADHD

    The research is spotty.

    This excellent review paper by a highly respected ADHD expert (Joel Nigg, PhD) explores existing evidence.

    He concludes that there is very little evidence of benefit for people with ADHD from an elimination diet. There MIGHT be evidence for a small subset of people with ADHD. More research is needed.

    You might find the introduction to this paper very interesting. Some of it gets technical, but you can just skip over those parts. ;-)

    Many people, ADHD or not, have sensitivity to certain foods. The most common offenders seem to be wheat, dairy, corn, and eggs. Some food dyes and flavors cause problems, too.

    So, if a person with ADHD has the added complication of food sensitivity, it will benefit that person to eliminate that food.

    That does NOT mean that food allergies/sensitivities CAUSE ADHD.

    A simple method is to try eliminating one food group at a time. Try it for two weeks or so. Then introduce it, and see how you feel.

    I hope this helps.

    Gina Pera