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    Advice needed for a 15 year old

    I am 15 years old and failing some classes because I'm pretty sure I have ADHD. I can't focus on anything In school or at home and I have a hard time learning. Some of my friends are ADHD and say I have it. Any advice on how to ask my parents to get me tested? ( i never talk to my parents about anything to do with my health unless it is necessary)


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    RE: Advice needed for a 15 year old

    Do you have a guidance councilor in your school? Ask him/her how to best approach your parents. But, I agree, you should be tested. And if it is any consolation, I have ADHD, but it was known back in my day as hyperactivity. I am surprise you haven't exhibit any symptoms . That's usually paints a picture. Anyway, good luck.
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    RE: Advice needed for a 15 year old

    I have had ADHD since first grade and I am in 8th grade now and will probley have it for the rest of my life. So I kinda know what you are going threw. If i were you I would sit down with both of your parents and tell them the truth, tell them the symtomes you have been having, and tell the you want to be tested its better to be safe than sorry later.
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    RE: Advice needed for a 15 year old

    Find a teacher you like, and go talk to your school counselor. They will talk to your parents if they believe you need to be tested.
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    HI there,

    First, I'm curious, why do you "never talk to your parents about anything to do with your health unless its necessary"?

    Do you find their judgment is poor? Do they have anti-medication or anti-physician biases?

    If you do have ADHD, chances are good that at least one of your parents also has ADHD. That might affect that parent's attitude toward the diagnosis and medication treatment.

    Anyway, to your question: "Any advice on how to ask my parents to get me tested?"

    I'm sorry to be unable to offer a simple answer. :-(

    The truth is that some physicians and therapists don't have a clue about ADHD, and they make a huge mistake in dismissing it or misdiagnosing it.

    If your parents take you to a random "mental-health professional," it's the luck of the draw. And often, when it comes to ADHD expertise, it's bad luck.

    If your parents haven't already noticed your potential ADHD-related challenges, you might risk a lot leaving them to make the decisions here.

    So, if you can, talk to your friends and see if they can recommend a smart physician. That way, you'll at least have a name to start with.

    Also, write down in brief bullet points what you feel are your ADHD-related challenges. Ask your friends about their challenges and, if they take medication, how medication has improved them.

    If you have a ADHD-savvy counselor at school, recruit that person to help you talk to your parents.

    In the end, you might not actually have ADHD. You might not be getting enough sleep, not getting a nutritious diet, or maybe over-doing it on the electronic devices. If that's the case, try to improve in those areas and see how you feel.

    Good luck!

    Gina Pera
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    RE: Advice needed for a 15 year old

    i am also 15 and I think you should say this.
    hey mom/ or dad which ever you prefer. what you should say. Hey, I have been having trouble learning/ paying attention at school as well as at home and I think I have ADHD. Could we please go and get me tested for ADHD? If we find this out then we could find a solution that will not only improve my attention span but it could also improve my test scores. I wanna be able to do better in school and I think this is the right approach...what are your thoughts on what I have brought up?