• 2 months ago

    Co-worker with severe ADHD

    Hi All,

    I need some suggestions beyond patience, etc. I work with a woman who moves constantly at lightening speed (not exaggerating), speaks at lightening speed, and the mere mention that something may need to be done evokes immediate action to head up the project....consistently. It is becoming a problem of great proportions as others in the office need to be able to shine and bring their expertise into certain situations. Our ADHD gal takes others ideas and promotes them immediately. She moves from project to project quickly getting them done randomly never seeming to run out of energy. She is cheerful and hardworking but as a manager I'm up against others who just do not know how to handle her always taking over and accomplishing everything before others have a chance. She immediately begins coercing others to assist her in all projects so she can say that she included others, but they never really get a chance to give a lot of input.
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!