• 2 months ago


    I am looking for advice on the difference between Adderall X-r and amphetamine salts XR. I was diagnosed with ADHD in elementary school and after trying multiple we found adderall worked best for me. I was on it through highschool but stopped my senior year. I recently started it again about a year ago at the age of 23. This time I have been taking only the generic brand amphetamine salts XR. I was prescribed a low dosage because I remembered it making me moody. Now I'm up to 30 mg and it has been working great . Recently my mom picked up my prescription and got adderall instead of generic. I haven't really slept but 2-3 hours a night since I started it a week ago. It doesn't matter how early I take it. It helps more on a daily basis than generic did, (and doesn't give me severe shoulder aches like generic did) but never seems to wear off at night like generic did. Can anyone tell me the difference? Or any advice on what I should do..

    Also, I'm living in Paris at the moment with no way to change or get a new medicine bc adderall doesn't exist here..