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    RE: Homosexuality

    Hi there, Mohammed. Thanks for sharing. This article ( says that sexuality is an important part of who we are as humans because it plays a large role in how we see ourselves and how we physically relate to others. The article also includes a section with information on whether or not a person can change their sexuality, which you might find helpful. You might also consider speaking to your therapist about your feelings about your sexuality. Most importantly, it's important for you to remember that you're never alone. We are always here for you, even if it's just to listen ((hugs)).
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        : No. there is no cure. It is innate! You were born that way due to a flood of chromosomes as a fetus, at least from what I remember ready, way back when I struggled. I tried everything! Religion, Spirituality, etc.
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    Hi Mohammed,

    Seeking a cure presupposes there is something wrong with it. I am personally not gay, but grew up with many gay friends and acquaintances. It always broke my heart to hear people on either side of the debate speak of sexuality as if we had any control over it, and in negative terms. Those of us who are straight have just as little control over our sexuality as anyone who is gay (or bi, or whatever). We just happen to be in the majority. As adhdinfopage says, it's innate. My background is in biochemistry, and there are now many studies that illustrate that people who are homosexual have a different balance of male and female hormones than do either straight males or straight females. These are expressed by your genes, and none of us has any control over that.

    The problem is not whether you are gay or not, the problem is how you have been conditioned to see it, and how those in the majority tend to portray it. Personally, I have observed that gay couples who were in a loving relationship were much happier and better off than some of the straight couples that were in an unloving or even toxic relationship. Love and empathy are much more important than sexual orientation, in terms of what makes this world a better place. My advice to you is that you reach out to a support group, similar to this one, but one that focuses on homosexuality as opposed to ADHD. And then take your time. It will take a long time before the negative messages playing in your head become quieter and eventually silent. I wish you the best. May you get there, insh'allah.