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    Odd emotiona

    Hello, im 15 years old. a few months back i was prescribed adderall 15mg xr for ADHD to help with my poor and embarrassing grades i had for my freshman year if school. never really into popping pills or doing much drugs but find myself taking extreme high doses of my adderall, anywhere to 60 to 150 mg. having to stop and go threw withdrawals because i would come to the point where it wouldn't matter the dose i took, i just couldnt get a satisfying effect. but always returning to the drug, shaming myself for believing im addicted, but most of all i would create alot of issues on the drug by saying things i actually felt at the time but normally would never think of saying or would say. for example, right now, couple hours prior to writing this, taking 150mg of adderall of a period of time from about 1am to 4am, would never be writing this unless i would be under the influence of the drug. my question is, is there anyone else out there that adderall completely flips and messes with your emotions, kind of feels like i have 2 personalities, where without adderall something could be hideous to me but on adderall could be jaw dropping. also just a complete opposite side of emotion, where as im normally a heartless cold person, said to say myself but regret alot of things ive done and said, not thinking twice about someone elses feelings or thoughts on something, then taking adderall and stopped and thought about how it would effect them and how they might feel about the issue. witch could of course could be a good thing. then theres times where ill be texting a friend and tell them how i believe im a "crack head" and shame myself for abusing my adderall, witch i shouldnt be doing, but often find myslef being in a very depressed state, telling others to stay away from me, im not good for them to be around, theres nothing good that could come from me. ruining many relationships, more then i can count or remember. wanting to know why this
    is a issue with me, and asking if anyone has any experience or have related to what im trying to say and ask. im sorry for my depressing story and to come off as a drug abuser. responses and other input on this effect of adderall on me would be more then wonderful to hear. thank you.


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    RE: Odd emotiona

    Hi! I suggest you speak with a doctor to see if the medication is working. If you aren't getting an effect then maybe you need a different drug or a different dosage! Good luck :)