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    RE: Executive function coaching for a kid with ADHD

    Hi, We used an executive functioning coach for our son when he was in 12th grade. We found the most important thing was that our son realized he needed one and asked for help. If your son isn't ready or willing, it may be a waste of time. If he is ready, it will help. We tried for years to give our own pointers and suggestions, many of which the coach suggested as well. As is often the case, suggestions coming from someone other than a parent seem to be embraced much easier. Best of luck!
  • RE: Executive function coaching for a kid with ADHD

    HI Gagrrl,

    Much depends on the capabilities of the coach in question. Does this person come well-recommended from other parents? What is this person's training?

    Unfortunately, there are no solid standards around training and certifying such coaches. Sometimes the standards are set by the person selling the coach-training. This is a huge and unsavory problem with the field of coaching. Especially ADHD coaching.

    When we talk about Executive Functions, we are talking about the higher-order brain processes that help us to navigate life in a healthy and productive way. Coaching is not going to improve Executive Functions per se. But ADHD medications can improve those functions.

    We all can use help in organizing our priorities, tasks, and "stuff." And folks with ADHD especially benefit from such help. The chief problem for most people with ADHD is disorganization—around time, around priorities, around stuff, etc.

    Sometimes a professional organizer can provide help. Sometimes a therapist is helpful, because there can be psychological resistance to developing and maintaining the habits.

    Much depends on the individual. ADHD is not a cookie-cutter condition. But most people with ADHD will need multi-modal strategies—that is, medication and therapy/organizational coaching.

    Good luck!