• I have ADHD

    Hi i'm a 13 year old who is in middle school. I tend to always get lossed in my thoughts,I have one thought after another. People say i'm very intelligent for my age, but i believe that if they knew my struggles they maybe would think different of me . Im a huge procrastinator. so every night I have homework I never get it done until the next day in between classes. which surprisingly I end up getting it done and getting a A or A+ on it , (so yea i get the honor role) but I just can't do my work at all. Also I tend to fiddle a lot and sometimes talk to much, one more thing is take 15mg and 5 mg of adderall XR one in the morning and one in th afternoon. I got diagnosed at 11


  • 1 month ago

    RE: I have ADHD

    Based on your message, overall, you look positive minded and very well focused. However, if things go as you say... is the medication helping you? What are the changes you notice?