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    I am 13 and have ADHD, I am on 54 mg of concerta. I am 13, but I know more about ADHD than most people twice my age. 13 is young, that does not mean I am immature. People on here post about newly diagnosed or they think they have ADHD. And to those people (and most other adhd people) a 13 year old telling them about it seems crazy. But age does not take away the fact that I have ADHD. It affects me the most too. Now skip through this because you have adhd.

    I will talk about various things and I hope that you realize that I am 13. I will talk about a lot, and it revolves around the drugs and effects but also how adhd medicated or not really has an affect on people no matter the age. I hope I do not forget anything.

    I keep going back up here because I want to put the most important info closer to the beginning because I know this is one of the things that adhd people hate, reading crap thats first of all long and that is not required. I hope people will see this and want to read it and ask me questions. I really want to see parents asking, kids should not be asking.

    I will begin with outreach and how important it is to teach people and most importantly the people most affected by adhd including adhd children.

    I would love to see a place where people with adhd can talk and where people with questions about it can ask. This is the closest one I can find. Barely anyone is active and it is a ghost town. Replies are never answered and sometimes people say that they "procrastinate" often and say that they sometimes go to sleep late. Then they say that they have adhd, BUT are not diagnosed. Come on now, you will understand what sleep problems are when the harder you try to sleep the longer you stay up. I some times stay up all night because either my mind is going crazy or the meds.

    I am going to talk about the medications and also how adhd and the meds affect everything you do.

    There are three different categories of adhd CNS Stimulants (Central Nervous System) I will call them stims.

    First Amphetamine/Dextroamphetamine. Example: Adderall (XR).
    Second Dexmethylphenidate. Example Focalin (XR).
    Last Methylphenidate. Example: Ritalin (Concerta).
    XR mean extended release 6-12 hours depending on medication. Also Concerta is the name of the XR version of Ritalin. Even me seeing Amphetamine or Meth while talking about drugs is a red flag. Most parents see it as heroin and cocaine. This will come up later.

    I have been on Concerta for 4 or 5 years, before that Focalin.

    When I was around 10 I searched up what Concerta was and found out it was for adhd. At the time I did not think much of that, mostly because I knew that it meant I wouldn't concentrate as well. Now I know that it is a hole, a hole that many adhd people notice later in their "treatment".

    What I mean by the quotes is that to most people treatment is working to cure. It is not. Right now it is only a word that gives hope.

    What I will talk about right now will lead to the hole I just mentioned. I said that the names of the type stims are a red flag to anyone that has watched Breaking Bad or any crime show. Drug in my mind I think of weed or crack, things like that. That is what adults want us to know that whenever you hear the word drug you run.

    These drugs have warning. People have abused and gotten addicted to these stims. But you dont know you are because you think that the things you feel when you are not taking them are just the side effects.

    These drugs suck. Say bye to your sleeping pattern, appetite, and a lot of other things. You can say hi to headaches, feeling like you do not have feelings I also like to call it being a zombie or robot.

    Going back to the hole I will call it. Doctors say that taking your meds as directed leave a very small window for drug abuse / addiction. So that is saying if I take the same amount of cocaine I have a small chance of addiction? Some people say it is impossible to get addicted to adhd meds. I do not believe that.

    Also I have seen TED Talks or youtube videos where they say that adhd can be used as almost a super power and that we have an advantage because the drugs, or even that we can choose what we want to focus on. This makes people see that they do not want to do homework sometimes, or that they fall asleep sometimes then go and say they had adhd. It sucks when people say that.

    From a study in 2017 only 20% of children outgrew adhd. Every-time I stop to look for a source I think to my self "Who is going to read this stupid story by a 13 year old that is 10000000 words" No one with adhd.

    Next videos on youtube. I search adhd on youtube and I see a channel come up a lot. This woman has adhd and has had it for a while. But what I do not see is someone explaining the hell that can come along with adhd. I feel as if writing this no one will ever see this and it is a waste of time.

    If you read this through congratz. Ask any questions.