• 7 months ago

    I can't get help

    I'm a 17 year old m, I have suffered with procrastinating my whole life; and I also get easily distracted jumping from one thought to another. This caused me to develop insomnia because I always stay up till sunrise before sleeping. But my real problem is that I can't get a diagnosis, I live in a community that do not believe in mental health, which is why I am looking for ways of overcoming my ADHD without medication.


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    Ok you know what I just wrote out a whole paragraph assuming that you got diagnosed but then I realized nope. Ok before I start talking about how ADHD is a mental disease that has different levels of suckyness. I will begin with saying find a way to get a doctor to diagnose you. Its like saying, hmmm do I have strep throat. Whatever I will just buy the meds of the black market. ADHD does not go away in a night. Also procrastination is not a sign of ADHD. Also the insomnia caused by jumping from one thing to the other. I am 13 and on a high dose of stimulants. I can not even do anything bout my insomnia because if I stop taking my meds I am gonna start failing ***. I know you're probably like ADHD gains you something. Let me tell you something when taking drugs every morning and walking in to school with dilated pupils and bloodshot eyes is normal then you have experience 1/4 of the hell I live through. I can not even tell the difference between n and m when typing something like this because I have been on stims for years. When you start having daily headaches and stop eating, and start to not be able to read without restarting the whole page because you were too busy thinking about what you are going to do when you get home. Well I am gonna lay in my bed because my meds are wearing off and I feel depressed and hungry but I do not want to eat anything and when you are tired but can not sleep. And after going through all this pain half the people that I interact with on a daily will only see the kid hopped up on drugs, maybe not even knowing I am on them just assuming Im ***. Moral is do not go asking for cures, to something you most likely do not have.