• RE: ADHD

    I am 13 (8th grade) I have ADHD and have been medicated for every since I remember. And if you say the parents of ADHD children are more wise about it then you will be misinformed. If your child is young <8 then find some therapist and talk to a pediatrician about medications. I am currently on 54mg of Concerta (Extend release version of Ritalin) I have maxed out Concerta and I realize even if you do not reply to this or even see it I will still write this because you and your child have a VERY VERY long and bumpy road ahead but since they were diagnosed recently you have a little while to prepare. And I mean prepare, you will scream at them and do what you want, but let me tell you from experience when a teacher or my parents yell at me I shake it off and repeat. I dont mean to be disrespectful just that is how my brain is wired. Also this may be down the road but researched what meds your doctor recommends because there is a wide range. But do not be scared when you see that they are close relatives to cocaine or highly addictive. It is only like that when you abuse it or not use correctly. They will most likely say a common ADHD stimulant and look it up know what you are getting into. Also just because these drugs have been tested on children and teens doesnt mean they have their side effects. I have been getting blurry vision when reading. I am consider getting a different meds as I feel that concerta is not working as good. If you have made it this far search up a youtube channel called ADHD videos. If you want to ask more questions about the meds or anything ADHD related i feel I am more reliable then a google search as I have gone through this personally. Sincerely -Connor