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  • Being a constant disappointment to my loved ones and myself - a novel by me.

    I am a 15 year-old girl with ADHD and I am a failure. Or at least I am failing everything in life. • after years of my teachers praising how clever I am and having awesome grades without even studying, failing at every subject at school can be a bummer. • I think it's safe to say I am a wreck: I have spent the last week crying and sleeping while walking around the house, having emotional breakdowns over broken pens. •I have given up on 6 huge projects (and counting) in the last few months. •....
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    how might I approach the fact that I act like a 10 year old sometimes when I am 15.

    I am a 15 year old girl and my physical and mental aging process is slow. I am under weight and my body structure is also smaller than normal. I have been compared many times to that of a ten year old girl mentally. I am compared to a 11 year old girl physically. I want to start understanding how to act my age got any advice for me.
  • 17 hours ago

    How to cope with Attention Deficit Disorder in College?

    I feel like my ADD is significantly worse in college than it was in college. I feel like the more stress I'm under, the worse my symptoms get. My mind becomes even more of a jumbled mess. I feel I have so many mental obstacles that feel impossible to overcome even with taking prescribed medication. it feels lonely and hopeless.
  • Quillivant XR being discontinued?

    Was just told by another mom that Pfizer will no longer be making Quillivant XR. I can’t find anything online about this. Does anyone elese have information about this?
  • ADHD Loneliness

    Hi, I'm a teen and I'm going through some problems right now in my life. I have ADHD and I'm starting to connect most of these problems with my ADHD. For my whole life I haven't had any friends and I've been lonely because I have no idea how I should approach someone I enjoy being around and asking them to "hang out" or whatever. When I was a kid I couldn't control my ADHD as well as I can now, and I got in fights a lot. This lead to nobody wanting to be around me....
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    I have had ADD for many years and have been switched with different generics here and there depending on availability sometimes after taking my medication I get extremely drowsy and could pass right out anyone have that or know why that would happen?
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    I recently discovered that I have adhd, halfway through my highschool education. I am slightly concerned because before I started taking medication my grades were suffering. I was taking the highest level classes I could. Since I began taking medication, my grades have increased substanitally. How do I let colleges know that that is what happened? Or is there even a way for them to understand how this impacted my grades?
  • Getting Diagnosed

    I am a 15 year old female and I think I have adhd. I was wondering if there was anyway to get diagonsed online by a doctor for free?
  • 14 days ago

    Teenage daughter 14 with ADHD

    Hi, Had anyone experiment this type of symptom: having no appetite at all (breakfast, lunch and dinner) 24 hours and counting? Thank you
  • ADHD Med side effects

    My daughter was diagnosed as ADHD two years ago. (I thought more ADD rather than ADHD because she just couldn't focus on school.) Seemed like every time we went to the doctor she was increasing her Adderal dose. In August the increase bumped her up to 30mg. Not cool!! I found out that she was self harming and had a plan to commit suicide. In October she told me she didn't like the way they were making her feel and refused to take them. I contacted the doctor and she finally was able to see....