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    I’ve had ADHD sense a young age. I wasn’t put on medication until 15. I wasn’t doing well in school. At age 15 I definitely didn’t like the medication. But I definitely exceeded in school. I went off for a year in college and completely failed my classes. I get impulsive. I say things like “this is who I am and who I am suppose to be” I started noticing how I was acting, failing, and not able to do anything without acting out. I told myself to go back on and I did. Now I’m 24 (I’m also a female)....
  • 16 hours ago

    42 yr old male - Am I losing my mind?

    I have started taking notes on instances that I have had in the past couple of weeks. In the last year, things have started to become more frequent and is starting to really frustrate me. Sorry I can't sum up what is going on so I am just pasting in my notes. Thank you in advance: I have done this multiple times. I have locked the house to leave for the day and as soon as I get to the car, I don’t remember if I locked the doors and would have to go back into the house. Daughter came down from....
  • 17 hours ago

    I keep getting fired ....

    No matter what I do, I keep getting fired from my job. They say it's because I'm problematic and can't get along with my other coworkers. I just can't fit in with my coworkers because they don't understand me. I know it's because of my ADHD....I just can't keep it together. I always start off great but it's only a matter of time before I lose it and things slowly start to fall apart. I have bills and rent and I just can't afford to not work. I'm 33 and unemployed....
  • 1 day ago

    New You Keto

    New You Keto If the printer uses a manual feed tray for printing labels or legal-size documents, make sure that it's always closed when not in use. A quick turn of a chair or an accidental slip could cause a user to bump into the protruding tray and break it. Although it may be a slight inconvenience to keep unfolding the tray, it's much safer in its stored position.
  • 13 days ago

    Dark circles under eyes after adderall use.

    I've been taking adderall for almost 6 months now and one of the side effects I'm experiencing is dark circles under my eyes. I take plenty of vitamins everyday, drink enough water, and get plenty of sleep everyday but still the dark circles persist. Any suggestions as how to get rid of the dark circles and perhaps an explanation as to why I have them? Thank in advance.
  • Ask me a question

    I am 13 and have ADHD, I am on 54 mg of concerta. I am 13, but I know more about ADHD than most people twice my age. 13 is young, that does not mean I am immature. People on here post about newly diagnosed or they think they have ADHD. And to those people (and most other adhd people) a 13 year old telling them about it seems crazy. But age does not take away the fact that I have ADHD. It affects me the most too. Now skip through this because you have adhd. I will talk about various things and I hope....
  • I have ADHD

    Hi i'm a 13 year old who is in middle school. I tend to always get lossed in my thoughts,I have one thought after another. People say i'm very intelligent for my age, but i believe that if they knew my struggles they maybe would think different of me . Im a huge procrastinator. so every night I have homework I never get it done until the next day in between classes. which surprisingly I end up getting it done and getting a A or A+ on it , (so yea i get the honor role) but I just can't....
  • 26 days ago

    Positive & Negative Drug test results from same urine sample while taking Vyvanse.

    I have been taking 70mg of Vyvanse daily for my ADHD for about 10 yrs. Well I recently had to have a drug test for a DOT Physical to drive a school bus. So they took 1 urine sample & when they tested the urine the 1st test came back positive, then 3 days later they tested the same exact urine sample & it came back negative. Which has me confused, cause how do you get a positive & Negative result off the same exact urine sample? And I have driven a school bus for different companies previously....
  • 26 days ago

    45 yo just diagnosed ADD

    My dr put me on Vyvanse 30 mg. I haven’t started yet as I’m really nervous of all the side effects I’ve been reading about. I’m on Zoloft now but feel they anxiety is caused by my lack of focus Just wondering thoughts since I’ve not taken meds before for ADD. I’ve heard horror stories of emotional breakdowns, suicidal thoughts, and rapid heart rates ?
  • 26 days ago

    Medication, a necessary evil…Adderall vs. Vyvanse

    Hi All! I was on Ritalin as a child/adolescent and hated it, never took it regularly. I resisted any ADHD medication until my 30’s and have been on 90-120 mgs of Adderall Immediate release for the past 10 years. What I find is that the IR works but I want to take more than I’m supposed to and I have a love-hate relationship with it. I didn’t care for the XR at all. I’m tired of It controlling my life but the unfortunate side is I have to have some sort of ADD medication to function and hold a job....