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  • 2 days ago

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    Normally rs3 gold people purchase 2,000gp2,500gp each. Results A healthy rate of income is what is made from these techniques. But there is a time and place for them, and if the family is suffering (clearly it is) something needs to change pronto!! You having to be a single working mom while married and your DH gets to be a kid with no cares in the world is outrageous. If he isn't willing to do it on his own like he should, I would definitely be taking some drastic measures. Instead, what you....
  • 3 days ago

    Bf with ADHD

    Hi. My bf has ADHD and is a tad on the cold side emotionally. We have discussed this and I have expressed my dissatisfaction as well. Nothing really changes and I really love him. He is a highly functional ADHD-er and a genius but shows his emotions with gift giving. He understands my emotional needs but seems to refuse to tell me that he loves me. He had a tough childhood with a father who he suspects has ADHD too but was never treated. I am guessing his childhood and his experiences as an adult....
  • 3 days ago


    Hello, I have a 6 yr old daughter and she is not staying focused in school she knows the work just not doing it in a timely manner, She keep distracting the class and the teacher staying out of her seat its just a lot and I need to know is this a concern for her do she have ADHD. Thank You:)
  • 5 days ago

    Medication for A.D.D

    Hi there, I was recently diagnosed with adult ADD. My doctor prescribed strattera... have any of you taken this? Thoughts are appreciated! Thanks
  • 15 days ago

    Does ADHD normally have an impact on your romantic relationships?

    So, I'm 15 years old, and I have severe ADHD. I have had the diagnosis since elementary school, but I still have unanswered questions that I don't know how to ask. Fortunately, there's the internet, so here goes: has your ADHD ever impacted your perception of relationships or your readiness for them? Example, when I found out that one of my guy friends was interested in me, I completely re-assessed our friendship. I started to feel like I felt the same way, but the feeling came and went....
  • 19 days ago

    I have ADD and Schizoaffective

    I haven't taken ADD meds in several years and am dying to try again. They seemed to free my mind to allow me some more self-control. Has anyone any experience having both disorders and having tried meds with some psychotic results only to try again with success. I'm really scared I won't get a chance to live a semi-normal life. I'm 47, living assisted living, no job no car, few friends.
  • 1 month ago

    Adhd Insomnia

    Hi: I’m new to this furum. Adult female 57 diagnosed 4 years ago. Treatment: Concerta & Wellbutrin. Past two-three weeks I’m having terrible insomnia. Racing thoughts. Being exhausted makes me more emotional, great :) lol. Any help would be welcomed. I have zopiclone but I dont like having to take meds. But it’s not working. Any advice.
  • 1 month ago

    Working in the office with ADHD

    So I'm working in the office and I can't focus on anything. I know I need help but I'm also moving so much and can't get referred. Does anyone know any over the counter focus medication? I desperately need it, thanks.
  • 1 month ago

    Why are stimulants like adderall only therapeutic to people with ADHD, and not recommended for normal people improve performance?

    It seems confusing that these drugs are meant to be taken for everydayhealth despite tolerance and addiction risks. From a performance perspective, wouldn't one be more interested in spacing out dosage to reset tolerance? Even with stimulants like caffeine, do you get the most bang for your buck by taking it every day in low dosage, or by spacing them out some amount?
  • 1 month ago

    Adderall and Lexapro

    I have been diagnosed with ADHD and Anxiety. My doctor recently prescribed Adderall (30 mg/twice daily), prior was on Vyvance (wasn't a good fit), for ADHD and I feel my anxiety has been intensified during this time. I thought that by taking medication for ADHD my anxiety would subside but it hasn't. I have had trouble sleeping, can't focus, always on edge, over-worry about everything from work to home, second guess myself and decisions I've made, and always ask for validation. Anxiety....