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  • 6 days ago

    Sex problems

    I have been in a relationship with a man for 8 years, we are both over 50, he has no interest in sex at all, we live together now, it has been nearly 2 years since our last sex, I am always the one to instigate it, and I get a lot of refusals, what's the deal ?
  • 6 days ago

    Possible STD

    I recently went to the Dr with an UTI. She asked if I could have a STD. I said no. After I finished my pills I noticed an empty perception for levofloxcin in the trash that my boyfriend was taken and started 3 days before I stated my Ciprofloxacin. My boyfriend is 67 and he has been entertaining the 24yr old college girls across the street, smoking weed while I'm at work. He says they are just kids. The one girl has been known to have chlamydia. Is it possible for me to be checked for an STD....
  • 9 days ago

    Eection after ejaculation

    Is there any way I can shorten my refractory period after ejaculation
  • 9 days ago


    Not had sex with my other half for about 29yrs..Tried many things like going for a romantic meal gently rubbing her shoulders even a romantic holiday..Nothing..Talked about it which nothing came about..I have been faithful and not strayed from our marriage.. Find it very difficult to carry on without having sex..A friend said use your hand but it's not the same...
  • Preparing for a cruise ???

    It has been several months since I posted a message. Wife & I received an Alaskan cruise from our wonderful grown children, ( pay-back for college expenses ). It is going to be for 15 days. Never packed for a cruise before. How would i discreetly pack any love making items not to raise eyebrows going through customs or airport detectors ? At the time we will be going there, it should be almost 19 to 20 hours of daylight every day. We have a balcony side of the ship. Expecting a super great trip....
  • 11 days ago


    Hi, I am married women ,my husband and me have been making love from last 8 years . Recently , i have developed wild fantasies but i cannot express my feelings to my husband . I am scared that he might get crazy listening to my fantasies .
  • 13 days ago


    I have been married for over 40yrs. I am happily married. But sex in the bedroom has been a no go for about 34yrs. I have tried candle lit meals and holidays even speaking about the problem was not helping.In the end she gave way and said she does not like sex anymore even as we had three children..I had even the snip to help the problem..I am so frustrated and I love sex.. Tried everything to get help..The wife will not go to the doctor for help for she said they are no help...I don't know what....
  • 13 days ago

    decline on intimacy

    My boyfriend and I have been passionately awesome for 3 years, no problems. I have spent the night and actually he would wake up in the middle of the night wanting to half asleep, so basically like 3 times a night when I would stay over. When we were not together during the week, it was sexual texts back and forth (more from him)., and I always loved the sex but wanted a deeper commitment/connection. We recently got back together a few months ago after a break up where we didn't speak or text....
  • 13 days ago

    Sex at 60

    Happily married for 30 years, still in good health and strong sex drive. Unfortunately, wife has matured to the point of considering sex mostly perfunctory or a courtesy. She avoids any discussion on the matter and makes the point that I should feel lucky to get as much as I do. Her routine is 5 a.m. with the objective of making me cum as soon as possible. She doesn't complain about it, but her orgasms have dwindled to maybe once a year. I believe she could actually do without sex and not give....
  • 14 days ago

    Feeling guilty

    Long story short- I started officially bf/gf dating my boyfriend January 10th. We went on our first date in the beginning of December and I really didn't fancy him at first because he had a lot of issues that I didn't know if I could look past. So about 2 days after our first date, I went on another date with an ex to a movie and me and my ex ended up making out afterwards and I went home. Then the next day my now bf asked me out and I went and he ended up kissing me and I started to like....