• RE: break up

    The big question is what do you want to do? What would make you happy?

    Some ideas: Do you have friends or family who you can go out with and just enjoy the time with them? Are there hobbies or activities that you have not been doing and would love to get back to or just try? Or maybe you are up for a vacation?

    Importantly, often after a breakup it helps people to mourn the relationship, even when they wanted out. So, you might take some time to share here or talk with friends about what you've been through.
      • 29 days ago
        I have freedom now. i will write about POEM about Freedom. will do anything i want.
      • 29 days ago
        Hi what ever you do, do it safely, and if sex rears its head do it safely, if a guys only without a condom, just say bye.

        See don't let the freedom get to you in a bad way, just stay safe.

      • 29 days ago
        Good advice. thanks