• 5 days ago

    Boyfriend wants me back IVF as single mother planned

    My boyfriend of two years (dont live together) first agreed to do IVF, we even saw a Fertility doctor together, then he claimed he can’t test his sperm because he has to
    hold for three days. (Sometimes he’s abroad for work or holiday without me so he can hold...)

    While planning IVF as a single mother to be and have even ordered sperm and figuring out how to finally tell him, we had a simple discussion last week, that led him to call me a W word. (Who re)
    Now I am planning and have ended the relationship based on the name calling W word. He badly wants me back and even proposed counselling.

    At 44 I dont think I have time for counselling. He also called me the B word before, also called me a gambler, schizophrenic. All is not true. He says words and apologies after. Actually I am tired of him.
    He’s doing everything to get me back. These are my last eggs I really want to try being a mother and I think I will waste my time on him and finally separate.
    By then I will be way too late for motherhood.

    Somehow despite his impulse, anger and imPatience I love him a bit still.

    If you were me would you tell him you are/were planning IVF or just leave the story so he thinks the relationship actually ends based on the name calling?