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    should I ?

    hey there , am not sure about my situation. I had a really intense relationship with a guy for two years but it was intense the time that we were together that was like 4 months after that I travelled abroad to keep my studies and we defined us as an open relationship, the second year that I came back , everything was the same and our love was still there so we got back together , even we moved together to his place and we had an amazing time. but clock was still running so I needed to go back to my school that was in other country . this time it was hard because I was so attached to him that I want to quite studying but he understood and convinced me to continue. He was 10 years older than me but I was the mature person in the relationship. it was not all nice , we had too much drama but i dont know we were in love or that's what I think. when I started the school again , I realized that the open relationship was not working because I want more than that but I have issues and didn't want to have that stress so we talked and we finished our relationship on june. I choosed to stop talking because it was no helping and he though that I was leaving him but it wasn't that , I needed to think on me first. then after months I decided to go back and visit my family but in other state so I didn't have to see him I want to be healed and prepared to see him again. well I had a really great time with my family and met a nice guy , I started to like him , we go on dates and everything , he once told me that he start to have feelings for me , but I was no ready so I told him that and he understood. I can not play with anyone feelings if im not ready and also , he had a daughter so I need to really think about that he has too much going about court and trouble with the baby momma.

    I am planning to return soon because I really want to see him and my family too but I don't feel ready at all to start a new formal relationship , I still thinking about my last boyfriend so I don't think it would be fair , but also I might be loosing a chance and then regret about it. I don't know what to do , should I ...?


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    Your situation is certainly difficult -- but not unusual. People often struggle to separate themselves emotionally from previous relationships. There are no ready answers. The best way to find your way through is to look inside. But here's one option: Would you be ready to get to know him slowly, continuing to be clear about where you are emotionally? He might be understanding and willing to take it slowly, too. By being honest, you let him make the best decision for himself, as you work to find what's right for you. What do you think?
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        Thanks for reading, appreciate your time. He might not understand , he already start dating someone else but is ok , now I have clear ideas.
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        my case different i am not dating with any other person. i do love the person i should have met by today.
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    RE: should I ?

    Oh, you're in a difficult situation... Never understood this, you either break up your relationship or meet - it's not necessary to torment each other! For example, I also had a girlfriend, but I went to another country, and after 2 months had to return. When I came back, she had a boyfriend... Since then, it has been very difficult for me to find a new girl who would accept me for who I am... I even registered on a dating site https://datehookup.dating/singles-tx-austin.htm to find a girl, and now I'm getting better with a beautiful girl. I hope it works out with her. I wish you good luck, and sort out your life!