• 20 days ago

    RE: Looking for an honest relationship

    i am a young woman. who would like to have me in his life i will be honest :) ...
  • RE: Looking for an honest relationship

    There is no easy way to find someone... really, at any age after the younger years when people are in school (even then it's often not so easy). Hopefully, you have friends who can support you. In addition to dating sites, you can get involved in activities that you enjoy and that might give you the opportunity to meet others. Even if you don't meet someone to date, you will still enjoy what you are doing.
  • 18 days ago

    RE: Looking for an honest relationship

    Hi Try this, think of the things you like doing, could be a Sunday morning walks, painting or many other things and see if there are any clubs in your area and go join them, and see what happens this way your face to face with others and who knows what could happen and who you can meet.

    Just remember there are so many options in the UK now for older people, go have a look at the local education centre class's, as this covers a lot of things, and class's during the day.