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    Wife is not helping with ED

    I am in a happy relationship of 2 years now. My wife is perfect, apart from one issue. I have a small penis and now I am having trouble getting and maintaining erections. I am getting the feeling that she finds my penis disgusting and substandard. The whole time we have been together she has really only touched my penis a few times. We have regular sex, and I enjoy giving her head, however head for me seems to be totally off her radar considering that she for the most part won’t even touch me down stairs. In the time we have been together, three times has she given me oral and she always stops all action and kind of freezes when I start to ejaculate? I do not want to pressure her into performing these actions because I feel that will just make things awkward in bed. (How can I be aroused by making my partner do something when she clearly hates/dislikes with my micro penis so much?) So I continue to give her oral, which I know she genuinely loves, In the hope that someday she will decide return the pleasure. I am clean and I don’t understand. This is the first girl that I have been with that has this type of attitude toward my penis. I do love her, am I being unreasonable? I am sure it would help with my ED, just wanting her to enjoy normal sexual touch that she is missing out on. I really feel like she is missing out and truly want to see her enjoying and wanting a nice ***. I think that she may even be seeing others during the days that I am at work or away to make up for my shortcomings down stairs. Tell-tell signs like not answering calls during the day, a lot of contact with old boyfriends, keeping other Facebook and email accounts secret, etc. and when I ask her about any of this she gets very upset.


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    RE: Wife is not helping with ED

    Hack her FaceBook, Emails, Phones, other APPs from phone, if you are primary account holder of the Cell phone provider then you have all control you can add her text message to your Phone. So that, whenever anyone Text her you will get the same text to your phone and you can check every hour call history by the Primary account. And there are a Parenting apps you can install of your and her phone the way you can monitor her all apps (such as IMO, WhatsApp, Skype, SnapChat, Viber, WeChat, ALO, DUO, LINE, and So on). You can also monitor her GPS as well. if she has relationship with anyone you can catch her. Plus, if you really doubt on her you may hire private investigator to monitor her movement every day. you can catch her if she has a relationship with any other man.
    You have right to do all these. So, no worries.

    Good luck
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        Plus you can add hidden camera in the house and in her car. So that, you are able to watch her from your cell phone or laptop during the days. Specially if you are at work or outside for any reason. Good Luck
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    RE: Wife is not helping with ED

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  • RE: Wife is not helping with ED

    I suggest you try talking with her about the thoughts and feelings you've share here. Has your sex life changed since you've married or over the course of your marriage? If not, her responses to you might be more about her than you. Unless she has told you she has a problem with the size of your penis, that may not be an issue for her. As for not performing oral sex or stopping when you ejaculate, again, this may be because of her own feelings about doing this.

    As for the other social media accounts and her reactions to your inquiries, this is understandably concerning. Part of the basis of a strong marriage is having trust in each other, which is clearly a problem for the two of you. Spying on her will not restore that trust and will instead likely lead you to more spying and distrust. You might try talking with her again, impressing upon her the importance of this to you. If that does not work, you might try couples therapy to help get the two of you back on track.