• 2 months ago

    He broke my heart

    Is not it very disrespectful and rude to say someone who love you that what do I talk about with you every day. He is accusing me that “I told you I have alot going on and I don't like you pinging me with all of your questions and contract update”. Whereas he did not even mansion that he was busy. I did not even ping him a lot. First, I say hi and ask him and he did not reply then at the end of the I was tried to be nice with him but he was so rude why?? Just because I text him and want to talk. Why don’t he just say it nicely that “sweetie I cannot talk with you now” instead of telling me “what do I talk about with you every day??”
    He made me love him and he had intimacy with me many times and now he blocked me and saying me he does not want this anymore. What does he mean having sex with him? Now he is saying “I have said this before and this time is the last time” and after that he came and talk with me and fun with me and showed some his love to me for fun. And said again he does not want to talk with me why his work girlfriend is moving so that he is so upset and showed his anger on me. Unbelievable. One and only thing he can say to me very rude way which is “whatever - the point is - its over - so stop contacting me
    I don't want anything - understand!! now stop emailing me” what do I have to understand stop talking to him. So that he can find other women for sex. Very sad for me.

    For no reason he showed his anger to me just because of his work old lady girlfriend what else will be then. He is upset because his old work lady leaving. So sad for him and now he will be alone.

    He does not even know what he wants. He just like to keep many women in his heart and dream about them how have some sex with those. Whereas I really do love him.

    He should shame on himself keep blocking me and made me love him.

    He better dreams for many women for sex. Maybe that will be his standard looking forward many women not me who love him.


  • 2 months ago

    RE: He broke my heart

    When you do something beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps. and it is reality.
  • RE: He broke my heart

    I hear your pain -- the pain of rejection from someone you love. Whatever his reasoning, he is pushing you away. To the best that I can understand your situation, most people in similar situations do best to let go and move on; as opposed to continuing to try to find a way to make it work, exposing themselves to repeated rejection and hurt. I hope you have people in your life to comfort you; and that you can find solace in doing things that you enjoy (or used to enjoy before feeling this way -- sometimes people need to return to activities they had enjoyed and do them until they find the joy in them again). However you find it, I hope you find comfort and healing.
  • 2 months ago

    RE: He broke my heart

    Keep reminding yourself that you deserve so much better than this.

    Be kind to yourself. Look to tomorrow and don't look back.
      • 2 months ago
        i am looking for tomorrow, and planing for change everything in my life. i do not want to look back. I am a nice person. He deserve those old and 4th level women who already having sex with many many man. That's the thing he has been dreaming of and he will get it having sex with multiple women. he just does not have shame on his dirty mentally.
      • If you feel yourself weakening and about to do something that you really think might hurt you in the long run (such as going back to him to try to quickly get rid of your pain), please pause. Think about the long term effects of what you are planning to do. You might even want to reach out for support to here or another healthier relationship.
  • 1 month ago

    RE: He broke my heart

    Leave your boyfriend. you will get many boyfriends ;)