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    My daughter encouraged me to sign up for a Senior Dating site Well, paying 4.95/mon. I thought, not to bad so, reluctantly I did☺. Several days later, $60+, deducted from my acct. And pictures of what appeared to b cleaned up aged skid row junkies I realized I had been scammed. Lol! Each person wanted a"show me how fine u r"photo. That was enough for me☺. Too old to play games, too young to compete and too wise to get caught u in foolery


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    RE: Re:Dating

    Hi So something you can do now is this, what are your favorite things to do like hobbies, and pastimes find clubs for them and join, I'm sure you meet somebody, or join a walking club, where they get out on a Sunday, your find somebody to talk with and take it from there.

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    Glad to see you have (or are trying to have) a sense of humor about this. I personally am very upset about how much scamming goes on. I'm wondering where you are with this now. If you were interested enough to sign on to that site, then I'm thinking that you would like a relationship. I hope you have not given up, despite the problems that come with looking either online or in person.