• 9 days ago


    I just cannot believe the man I love he is having many issues. one I was talking with him and he did not pay attention to me. He was more interested in outside windows view. Meaning he can tell who is walking by from his windows view specially women neighbors. I think he can even tell the timing too about his "neighbors walk by". Unbelievable he attention was neighbors not me. Then why he likes to talk with me and have sex with me then. Plus, I sent him friend request to add me to account. this is very sad to say he did not like me to add, but he likes to look for half naked women profiles for what. Maybe he wants to sleep with those women. I am upset because he forgot his age 53 probably. whereas he made me love him and now he is looking for out state kind of naked women profile for what. He is not 20 years man or boy. he is a mature man. How come he is searching around those women profiles for what? Having sex with them and searching for what time his next-door neighbors goes out and come back in. Unbelievable...Is he out of his mind??? What kind of personality he’s having????? And he always thinks I am bad person and he thinks about me that I am flirter. So, he is not appreciated my age than him or my love to him. Unbelievable.


  • 9 days ago

    RE: Upset

    I'd say he hooked you, used you, and now wants to replace you. Why would you want to be with someone who is constantly looking for new women and who cares more about his neighbors than about you?

    Dump him for the loser he is, raise your standards, and find a decent man who truly cares about you.
      • 9 days ago
        I am a beautiful woman. Any man can get attracted by me. I am educated and decent job. I know I can get a man easily. But I could not love others man. I do not want to play with other man either. This is not my type. He care about me I think. But he likes to search other women specially women who show their boobs and make their face unprofessional. Unbelievable. I do care if he want to search around women and look after neighbors unbelievable, because I love him. I know he is not bad , but if he keep doing this he will become a playboy. I hope he would destroy his good personality because those naughty women. He doesn't know women always always play with men. Those will play with him too if they get chance or if he give them chance to play and if he wants to make him a playboy. I will not let him do that to get involved with those nasty game. Do you know why because I love him.
      • 4 days ago
        If he blatantly looks at these other woman with you present, he is a disrespectful man and will not ever change. You will be cheated on. Dump this guy ! you deserve better.
      • 4 days ago
        i talked with him today. he was totally fine to me. he did not look out the windows. he just looked at me and spoke with me seriously. I was so happy to talk with him today. but i learn from here never pay attention to outsider where as your special person around you. because outsider never be in my life. then why i would destroy my beautiful moment with my love one because of any unknown person. this is make sense. I learn from this incident. and he is a intelligent man so he will not upset me like this. I will love him more and a lot if he be serious to me.
      • 2 days ago
        Hi You come for advice and now you slap those in the face, why did you bother anyway, are you sure you not losing the plot.