• 6 months ago

    RE: Terribly concerned

    Heroin makes you nod off (fall asleep suddenly)so bad you fall off your chair and drop anything your holding.
    If smoking it, you find tin foil with black lines on it. If shooting it tracks on arms or legs, bent spoons.
    You can nod off and stop breathing easily and die.
    They also have a change in taking showers etc. become thin.
    They won't admit it.
    She could be taking pain pills.
  • 6 months ago

    RE: Terribly concerned

    my sister in laws do not take any drugs. but they are addicted by jealousy. all my three sister in laws see me as their enemy. talking against me all the time. made my husband against me. not only my sister in laws but also all his family member try to find out my issues even though i do not speak with them and i avoid them! my mother in laws she did the same few years earlier. how come i stay with a family with having their blessing or good friendship. i feel like i am enemy of them. because of them i have been assault. they disrespect my family as well. i am not happy with my relationship. i just want to get out of him and his family members.
  • RE: Terribly concerned

    Whether or not your sister-in-law is an addict, it sounds like you are seeing signs of something very concerning. Maybe you can share what those are? In the meantime, you might want to start by talking with people in your family whom you trust and would be open to discussing this. Then you can come up with a game plan that would include who to tell, how to approach them, and what kind of professional help you might need to reach out for. (This all depends on how open people in your family are to this topic and your relationship with them.) If you are relatively convinced that she has a drug problem, then you will need to find specialists in that area. If you think she might be having a serious emotional/psychological issue that might not involve drugs, you could reach out to a local therapist or psychiatrist for help. If you are thinking she might have a medical problem, then you could start with a physician. But the important thing is that you get to a professional who can help assess the problem and then treat it or refer her to someone who can.