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    So 2 years ago I met back up with an old boyfriend. He is divorced for 5 years and ive been a widow who hasnt dated in 10 years. First we were long distance dating then he decided to move to the city where I live he still talks and communicates with his ex wife and seems to think I shouldnt have a problem with this. Our children are grown (He has 2 I have 3) As of yet I have not met his children and its been 2 years again his kids are grown and so are mine. He's meet my kids and some of my grandkids.
    He claims he loves me and we have been looking for a house together even though he only gave me a promise ring this past christmas, Mind you we are both 60 im now angry and feel he is being immature at our age. If he doesnt know what he wants. Im ready to leave this relationship immediately.
    Feeling confused because i do love him but will not tolerate disrespect.


  • 1 month ago

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    WOW you both having ex life and having kids. why didn't you see his kids yet... you are also his kids stepmom if you marry him… his missed his kids for sure… you should have understood that before and brought his kids in the house and let them stay with their father as long as they want or never let them leave… after all you all family…
      • 1 month ago
        Maybe his children live in another country? Another, far-away state? Maybe it just hasn't been possible?
      • 1 month ago
        nothing is impossible. just they needed to set their mind. and as a stepmom she needed to focus on his kids beside her own kids. nothing to be upset about to look after his kids as well. this will create a strong relationship between you and him. a house with many kids isn't it awesome. you may be busy with all of them but it is wonderful see all of them happy face.
      • 1 month ago
        Do you realize that his "kids" are probably in their 3às or 40s and don't actually need any looking after?
      • 2 days ago
        I don’t think that you understand the issue correctly. He doesn’t have young children.
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    RE: dating again

    Hi Just say are we together or not, and see what his answer is, it he um's leave ASAP

    AS your heart cant split two ways.

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    I can hear the pain you are in from this difficult situation. As I read your post, I find I have a number of questions. Have you asked him about why he has yet to introduce you to his kids? If so, what did he say. Also, have you met his ex-wife? What is their relationship like? Other than their shared history (which is significant), is there something else about the way they are together that makes you feel threatened by her? And, when you say that you feel he is being immature, I'm wondering what you mean by it (is there even more to that than what you've shared here?)

    Most importantly, how does he respond when you share your concerns with him. Whatever the issues are, relationships do best when couples can talk openly, and they both feel supported -- and that their partner really cares and wants the best for them. (Do you feel he really cares about you and your concerns; or just dismisses them, leaving you to feel dismissed?)
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    RE: dating again

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    RE: dating again

    I’m not quite sure that I understand the issue. But it sounds like he is not completely ready to commit to you. So don’t push it. Try just dating without living together. Give him some space. Do not move in prematurely. It will not end well.
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    Depends on what kind of agreement you have between you two. Even if it is an exclusive relationship, as long as it is appropriate as "friends" . . . no matter how old they are the kids are the lasting link between ex's. . . I'm not seeing the issue. I do think you have to be clear about your feelings about this communication and set some reasonable boundaries. Ordering him to cease all communication, IMO would put a real strain on the relationship.

    However on one hand and more importantly is the fact that he has not introduced you to his kids after 2 years. On the other hand, maybe he doesn't regard your relationship in the same way as you do. I think that is the crucial question . . . How would each of you describe your relationship with each other?
      • 6 hours ago
        I saw his kids pictures. He kept his kids pictures in work laptop. His older son almost like him.