• 11 days ago

    DO not know what to do?

    I love a person. Me and him always use Skype to chat to each other. This is the only source I had to use to communicate with him. He is not even in my state. He is far away from me. He is in an island. Recently I am not seeing him online I do not know why he is not online. I am kind of worried about him as well since without letting me know he is offline. I do have his number but I am not sure I am able to reach out to him via the phone he has. He may have his different personal email account and different Apps but I never get chance to ask about it to make our communication alive. He has my number, personal emails. But not sure he will send any email. Do not know what to do now??? Will he talk with me again??? Because if we do not talk then we cannot see each other. This is very common sense. I am surprised on myself I do not have any way to communicate with a person but I love him real. Most probably this is called real love. Having love from far away but can’t touch to each other.


  • 9 days ago

    RE: DO not know what to do?

    Hello, I know this isn't what you want to hear, but please be very careful with an electronic relationship like this. People are not always who they portray themselves to be. In addition to being hurt, you run the risk of the person asking for financial support. Do not send money or provide credit card or bank account information, no matter what they say it's needed for, it's a lie. Find a friend in your local community where you can have a real relationship. Best regards to you!
      • 9 days ago
        Well...he is not that type of person either I am not that kind person. i understand what's you mean. i never have interest on electronic relationship. I know him for 3 years. i saw him many times. few times we met as well. But I became more serious about him recently. He used to be in a same state. But for family mater he had to leave. he will be came back from the island but not in my area.
        if i want i can find not only friend but also many lover in my local area. But I do not want to find or fall into any other person. because i really love him.
      • 9 days ago
        Hi Is he in one of these islands that's had storms? if so the phone lines could be down.

        I would just keep waiting with an open heart.