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    I need relationship advice

    I am a male in my 50's. I have been married to my wife who is 5 years younger than I am for 17 years and I love her very much for who she is. We dated for a full year before we were married. She has a weight problem which bothers her very much. I love her just the way she is. We are both professionals and have a good financial life. We have 3 children that are doing fairly well in life. We also have fairly good love live but we do have an issue or two.
    I am pretty kinky and she is very vanilla. I started occasional cross dressing when I was about 14 and have done it on and off ever since. I like to play with power exchange and have been known to play the dom on occasion. With my wife I primarily like play the submissive and I would love to cross dress once a month or so with her. She has known about all of my kinks since way before we were ever married. She saw me dressed and even spanked me before we were married. She even knew that I really wanted to try pegging, before we were married.
    After we were married she started taking the attitude that if I wanted to do those kinds of things I should do them on my own. I am not asking her to go out with me dressed just let me dress around the house one a month or so. I would appreciate it if I could wear a silky gown a couple of nights a month. she has allowed me to wear a cotton night shirt but does not necessarily like it. She is ok if I wear panties as long as they are not very girly or pink. She does not like me to shave my legs or any other part of my body.
    I never tell her that she can not wear anything or that she has to shave or not shave, or anything else like that. I have asked her to keep her hair long but she likes it long also and I do not make her keep it long. I never really tell her how to be.
    I have asked her to try many things in bed but I do not put huge pressure on her. I do try to adjust things and come up with ways of doing some very simple kinky things with out upsetting her but almost every time she get really upset.
    I do sometimes dress when she is not home. She knows but does not want to talk about it. She tells me how much she loves me and how I am her whole life. She tells me that she loves me the way I am but she does not make me feel that way. She says she can't control the way that I dress but also says that if I do cross dress in front of her it will turn her off and our love life will suffer. Dressing is just part of who I am and she really just does not accept me for what I am. I am not gay (though I could be Bi... she hates that idea also). I don't want to be a woman I just really like womens clothes, makeup, perfume, and etc. I really like silky pretty underwear etc. I have started getting pedicures and I really like them.
    One time many years ago before I met her I went out on Halloween with some people dressed in full drag and had the greatest time of my life. I asked her if we could just do this on Halloween and she said no.
    I am sad and very frustrated. I even cook and clean to help around the house.


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    RE: I need relationship advice

    Well well well,
    that lady sounds like a *** drag! lmao
    in all honesty tho stopped being whipped, do what you want, life is too short not to be daring, have fun, be wild and experience life to the fullest the way you want to. you're in this planet to make yourself happy nobody else, go out and slaaaay.
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    RE: I need relationship advice

    Help her to lose weight since you do not like her recent weight. NO need to be upset. For some people gain weight and loss weight is not big mater. some people can lose weight easily. it just needs time. she cannot do it in a day she needs a month or two. by the way how old is she and you as well... if she is younger than you then no worries just inspire her to lose weight and she will do it just to see you happy. Do not get angry or mad about it just show your love to her and tell her that’s what you want to see her in change. Sometimes you can get everything by showing your love. Good luck
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        She will never manage to lose weight if she is doing it for anoyone other than herself. And badgering her about it won't help. Especially if she herself is happy with the way she looks. She is her own woman and not just a dolly for hubby to gaze at and play with.
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    RE: I need relationship advice

    "I even cook and clean to help around the house."

    Well, that's big of you, isn't it? Here's a clue - you should be pulling your weight with the housework, not just "helping" with it. Maybe if she felt less like a housewife and more like a lover, she might be more inclined to indulge your fantasies? Please take the time to consider wooing her like you did before you were married.