• 24 days ago

    How do I tell him?

    How do I tell him that I really do love him not just like...? Or how do I show my expression about I really want him... Whether or Not we mean to be together but I wish he can understand that I do have real love for him. i never stop thinking about him. His feeling, his sexual conversation, his caring on some point, and so on. Once I start taking with him I can even stop myself. I feel i want to talk with him more and more. And feeling it will be never ending way. i do not know how do I overcome all my issue and wait for him to be together. May or may not be we can, because of family mater or we are different culture. But so far, I know different culture should be problem if both having understanding to each other. May or may not family problem will create big issue. Do not know…! Sometimes I fell why love is complex? Why people cannot have courage to say each other that they really love or like or do not like. How hard is that???

    love bird


  • 23 days ago

    RE: How do I tell him?

    See if he buys you a Christmas present, that should tell you something.

      • 20 days ago
        he can not buy any present this time. many issue involving here. he is far away from me. he can not come and visit. and i do not expect any present from him either. i expect he will expend time with me, i want to get his love and touch and i want to see him. that will be my big present from him. i wish i will be with him. i wish he will hug me and will tell me that he love me. that's i want. may not may possible for him. it is ok, i am a big girl i won't cry. thanks
      • 5 days ago
        : wait until you guys meet to see how you vibe for a few days then you tell him I love you cause it might not feel the same as he make you do over text messages