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    Preparing for a cruise ???

    It has been several months since I posted a message.
    Wife & I received an Alaskan cruise from our wonderful
    grown children, ( pay-back for college expenses ).
    It is going to be for 15 days. Never packed for a cruise
    before. How would i discreetly pack any love making
    items not to raise eyebrows going through customs or
    airport detectors ?
    At the time we will be going there, it should be almost
    19 to 20 hours of daylight every day. We have a balcony
    side of the ship. Expecting a super great trip, anyone
    sending info about first time cruising would be appreciated.

    Hi ! NOWHARD.


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    RE: Preparing for a cruise ???

    Trust me, customs officers have seen it all and there is little that you could pack that would raise eyebrows. However, it might be simpler to pack these items together rather than to disperse them through your luggage - that way, even if they are taken out it will be obvious what they are and the officers will likely just smile (at most) and put the items back. Really, nothing to worry about.
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    RE: Preparing for a cruise ???

    Hi Old chap, so things are still working then, but as fcl has said they have seen it all before, I don't think you stuff will be scanned or even looked at, my wife is coming to join me soon and she will bring her new toys with her, I doubt if she has even thought about that, just wants to be with hubby and some good sex.

    You go with your lovely lady and have as much fun as you like, and have a good time, heard from big red?

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        No I haven't. I think she was preparing to retire soon herself.
        Great hearing from you again. I spotted your sign off signature
        on my new phone the other day.
        Do you do a lot of cruising ? Probably so being out there near the
        Greek Mediterranean sea.
      • over 1 year ago
        No Stan I'm a land lover, the only thing I would really love to do is to go on a round the world ocean race, but the cost is fantastic.

        Its about 20,000 pounds just for the work up training without the cost of being on a boat for what could be a year, just a pipe dream and an expensive one.

        Will just have to stay a land lover.

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    RE: Preparing for a cruise ???

    Why would you care you'll never see these people again! Enjoy your trip. Chill
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        I am not worried about what strangers would think or see, but if I put all my
        electronics together, cameras, my C-pap breathing machine, & fun stuff with
        extra batteries might be a concern for a delay ??
        The trip we will enjoy. But don't say Chill to a senior going 200-300 yards
        from glaciers & icebergs ! ( joke ) Stan
      • over 1 year ago
        Like I've already said, they've seen it all it's not as if you have stuff that is way beyond the limits of comprehension :). Relax and enjoy your trip - it's a once in a lifetime!
      • 11 months ago
        Hello ! Wife & I are back from the fabulous cruise and land trip to Alaska
        and Canada. What a great trip! I would recommend it to everyone.
        No problem bringing our love making toys along like you said fcl !!
        one funny issue though. Since on the trip for 13 days, I decided to do a bit
        of laundry on the half way point of the trip. Nothing major just clean to have some clean under garments the rest of the trip. The laundry was way at the other end of the ship. Somehow or someone loved my colorful boxer shorts. Lost six pair of shorts and shirt. Must have been that amazing red color? ( Ha Ha ) Lucky we were going to shore that morning so i was able to buy some. Sorry to say did not get any Alaskan souvenir shorts !!!
        Great time was had, great weather, seeing the highest mountain in North American. 20,320 feet. What a beautiful site !
      • 11 months ago
        Thanks for checking in, . Glad you had a great time :)
      • 11 months ago
        Well done Stan and you lovely wife, you should be here now as we are going through a heat wave the second one in 2 weeks, it would take the chill out of your bones, our last top high was 49.5c, yesterday was 36c and 30c overnight.

        Sorry about your shorts they must have a been a very sexy red to be taken, just hope you reported it on board, me I have no problems with them? never wear any.